Monday, June 28, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Blink

It was a lot easier to do back in the day then it is now when everything is so easily documented, photographed and logged. You could rewrite things to make them fit the new narrative and people would accept it. It was a lot more effort to go back and look up what really happened and the new version was accepted as truth. Would it work on kids though? It should be even easier they hypothesized and decided to screw with parents of kids at the same time. It is often tossed in the bucket of similar examples, but this was one is actually real. It all started at the same time as the other experiments dealing with mind control that were running at the time. One of the original people involved had been recruited during World War 2 while illustrating medical experiments. This was going to be a long long mind control experiment and whether you could convince and entire world of one thing when another had been true. Brought in to help with the screwing around with the minds of people was the author/publisher who was canceled within the past year, although they will never really be canceled. He was always willing to screw with minds of people and started from the first book when he changed the names of the authors and then again in the second. He wanted people confused and unsure of what they were seeing. It worked. 

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