Monday, March 21, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Puzzle

This actor peaked about A- list with his movie franchise, then dropped down for a number of years before climbing back up to A- list thanks to his network show. For about a year, shortly after his movie franchise ended, the actor would get messages sent to his phone. They were all from fake phone numbers, but showed the actor inside his own home or in his car or at the grocery store. He hired someone to search his home, but there were no cameras found. After one photo was sent showing a person in the actor's bed, while the actor was still at home, the actor moved out. He checked into a hotel for three months. He checked out of the hotel when out of the blue, there was the person again, sitting on the couch in the actor's hotel room. This went on like I said, for a solid year. Then, suddenly it stopped. There were no more photos or stalking or anything like it. The actor will say it is because the stalker finally got tired of him. The friends of the stalker will say it is because the stalker now sleeps with the actor and has for years.

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