Thursday, October 13, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Firing

If anyone asks, they will say this actor had worked in the franchise for a long time and that he had done everything he could with the character and it was time to move on. He didn't want anyone else playing the character though. He has threatened to come back to the franchise if they resurrect the character. If he makes a public fuss about it, then they may have to leak why he was fired in the first place. Our actor actually was spending so much time in a city filming the franchise, he bought a house that once belonged to an A+ list singer. This singer had multiple party rooms installed. Each of the rooms had a bed and bathroom and had a different theme. It was all in good fun with the singer. Yes, there was debauchery to a level unseen in most lifetimes, but it was legal and consensual. The story goes though, that the actor, who had cameras installed in the rooms, used them as prisons. He called them dorms. He forced his female domestic help to live in the rooms and recorded them 24/7. He also drugged them and sexually assaulted them on a regular basis and would invite cast and crew to watch the recordings and allow them the same opportunity. When word got out about this, they made the actor shut it down, signed cast and crew to iron clad NDA's and fired the actor. They allowed him to make it seem like he quit, but he was fired.

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