Monday, October 10, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Once Upon A Time

This is not about the show, although, there are plenty from that run. The one takeaway from that show I remember is the alliterate actress really trying to change the narrative about the affair with the A+ list actor and I am pretty sure it is why she went so hard at her co-star. Anyway, this is not about that or the actress from the show who was always thisclose to being replaced because no one liked her. I am pretty sure no one liked her because of her drug problem which she has had for decades. 

Instead, this is about an A lister who had a fairytale she wanted where she would star in movies and television shows with her daughter and could see a line of succession not unlike Tippi to Melanie to Dakota. Instead, what she has, is a daughter who would really rather be a boy and a screaming ex who blames the A lister for the daughter wanting to be a boy and the daughter also insists she will never do anything on camera for mom other than being suckered from time to time in a pap stroll. So, what does the A lister do? She finds a man to marry who has age appropriate daughters and is sure she can convince them. The problem with that is the daughters think of her as very much the wicked stepmother and want as little to do with her as possible.

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