Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Never Been Kissed - Old Hollywood

This actress, who took her stage name from royalty in her family, used the title of this blind as her mantra. The public relations people loved it and the studio loved it and everyone believed it until she was about 19 when she had a bunch of very public affairs and relationships and could no longer claim to have never been kissed.

It actually ended years earlier. One of the biggest acting names in cinematic history did a little project with her. It was not a movie. It was a special event where Hollywood brought in the big name, and then brought in our actress who basically had only done stage and radio by this point in her 16 year old life. How did she get the gig to present a very big deal with the actor? Well, her mom actually offered up herself and a sister of the actress, and the actress got the gig.

Our actor was in his early 40's when he met with this 16 year old actress. He told her if she wanted a successful career that it would do her good to have friends like him. She told him she had never been kissed, but the very very much a newlywed actor didn't care and forced her to have sex with him in his hotel room before and after the presentation. The actor had been married almost a year when this happened. Later in life, the actress managed to get a new husband who had only been married to his wife for two months. So, the one year thing seems ancient in comparison.

Our actress never talked to the legend again in her life.

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