Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Blind Item #6 - A Compound Blind Item - Reader Blind

The three main properties that comprised The Compound (there were six total) have been vacated and torn down for over a year, but Google Earth still shows them the way they were.

If you recall, The Compound was a so-called “artists community” run by the lunatic mother of a B-list actress, and her two sons, as a front for all sorts of shady activity.

In the first photo:

• This house was called “Dream Hatcher”.

• The orange trailer (just right of center) is where the sexual assault incident took place.

• To the immediate left of the orange trailer (hidden by trees) is a much larger trailer that was the center of operations. To enter this trailer was to risk expulsion from The Compound.

In the second photo:

• This property was called “Thrive”.

• This house was the unofficial community center. It featured a fire pit, jacuzzi, barbecue, pool table, music room, home theater, and an outdoor bar.

• The small square house below the main house was officially a “guest house”, but in fact was a drug den.

In the third photo:

• This property was called “Nexus”. It was a leased property, and was kept much nicer than the others.

• The mother’s youngest son overcharged tenants at Dream Hatcher in order to live at this house for free. He was hated by everyone who lived there, and earned the nickname “Joffrey” from some.

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