Friday, January 20, 2023

Four For Friday - News Anchors

#1 - This former morning news anchor always had this goody goody perception she tried to get across to the general public. There were many nights she got zero sleep as she did lines of coke and partied with guys she would often orally service in club bathrooms before heading to the studio with zero sleep.

#2 - This OG evening news anchor who presided over some of the biggest moments in history was known for beating women he would sleep with for money. They would be beaten, because he often tried to get his money back after the sex act. He also picked on women of color because he knew they would never be believed, and he knew they knew that too.

#3 - This morning anchor has been on television for so long that people forget how he got famous enough to be offered the news job he has now. Apparently, to land the job that led to the news job, he had to sleep with the wife of his boss. She liked to test drive the new talent and if you didn't sleep with her, then you would not last long working for her husband who everyone in the world knows.

#4 - This former primetime news anchor thinks that his arrest for solicitation of prostitution of a male escort can no longer be found. That is not quite true though. Although, the police department squashed it, there was at least one police officer who has all the receipts and a mugshot too. I wonder how long it would take for the anchor to be fired once it was all released.

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