Thursday, January 19, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Sex Magick

This magician is probably A list. He has been called out in this space before for some of his predatory behavior and has also been called out by at least one celebrity for the same thing. Lately, he has been the subject of more disturbing news. He has a program with college students to learn about design and art and set direction. The funny thing is, he never seems to hire any male students for these positions. They all go only to women and also they are only offered positions after extensive interviews and a 25 page long NDA they sign before he discusses anything with them. 

He tells them he is working on a new project/show called Sex Magick. As part of it, he wants the women to take a trip with him so they can really understand and see the same vision he has. Now, in his scenario, he doesn't actually trip with them. They think he is taking the same drugs he is taking, but he is just pretending. Meanwhile, he gives them mushrooms or LSD and then spends the entirety of the trip groping and molesting these college students under the guise of some kind of Reiki healing. He wants them to be able to clear their chakras, so he spends a lot of time touching them and if they respond positively, he ends up having sex with them. As they come off their trip, he gives them water and some vitamins. One of the vitamins is actually Plan B. There have been about a dozen students who have been subjected to this over the past 18 months, many of them multiple times. He doesn't actually ever teach them anything or have them work on the projects.

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