Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Auditions

While this mogul/designer/reality star tries to hide out in Southeast Asia, he is staying busy. Apparently he has decided he wants to put together a Southeast Asian version of girl groups and holds lots and lots of auditions searching for the perfect group of girls. None of them are allowed to be older than 18. He prefers them to be orphans or at least have parents who will take some money in exchange for staying out of the way. At this point, the mogul has a stable of about thirty girls. So, how much rehearsing do they do? None. No singing or dancing. Instead, they are being put through training which is them in as little clothing as possible doing chores around the house of not only the mogul, but also his closest friends. Our mogul spends a great deal of time taking modeling photos of the girls and has two seamstresses who do make original clothes for the girls. The girls are put into some situations that are not appropriate and the mogul gives height and weight checks frequently and the girls are on special diets. There are cameras everywhere and it wouldn't shock me if he is selling the live feed from the cameras to people. I don't know of any sexual contact at all, but it wouldn't shock me. 

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