Sunday, January 01, 2023

Blind Items Revealed #10

July 19, 2022

There are lots of grudges in Hollywood. Some of them are long standing. Some result in people never working again. One grudge I have never understood reared its ugly head again this month. This A- list actress (BB) who has a long running side gig and is not named Jessica Alba, was asked if she would like to work on a collaboration with this foreign born actress (CC) who probably peaked at A- list. BB was visibly angry when she turned down the proposition. First of all it has been two decades and I have never figured out why BB has the grudge against CC. It should be the other way around.

CC was in a relationship with an actor (DD) when BB decided to play matchmaker and introduced her actress roommate (EE) to DD. DD and EE immediately started hooking up very secretly while CC was none the wiser and continued to date DD very publicly until she was horrifically dumped in one of the worst celebrity dumpings of all time. It is a dumping that does not get the attention it should. Therefore it should be CC who has the grudge against BB. Nope. The reason is that CC got revenge and not only hooked up with BB's then boyfriend, she also told EE about the script that BB stole from EE.

BB: Gwyneth Paltrow/"GOOP"

CC: Minnie Driver

DD: Matt Damon

EE: Winona Ryder

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