Sunday, January 01, 2023

Blind Items Revealed #9

August 22, 2022

I know this socialite was ill, but I also firmly believe that one of the reasons she killed herself is because she knew the secret that she and her friends were never allowed to reveal. Then again, there was nothing stopping them from revealing it. They just liked the money train they were on and the drugs and parties and fun and were willing to stay quiet about a murder. You see, this A+ list designer liked to tell everyone how dark and depraved he was, but he really wasn't. It was part of the aura surrounding him. He thought he needed some street cred, and one day told two of his friends that he had killed a man he had sex with in an alley the night before. His friends didn't believe him until our designer showed them the pictures of the body lying in the alley. They still didn't believe him until they saw the news reports later in the day about a homeless man found dead in an alley. They still didn't believe him until the police finally announced it was a homicide. Until then, they thought the designer stumbled across the body in the alley and made up the tale.

The two friends became four which became about ten and none of them have uttered a peep. The socialite wanted to but when she started making noise about it, the designer pushed her away to the point he wanted nothing to do with her. Everyone else saw that and decided to keep their mouths shut.

Isabella Blow/Alexander McQueen

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