Sunday, January 01, 2023

Blind Items Revealed #17

September 29, 2022

For the first time ever, this decades old movie is being released in a brand new format. This movie stars some of the biggest stars working today. It has multiple Oscar winners and multiple A+ listers. Back then though, they were nobody, or barely nobody. One of the stars, who has had a resurgent past few months, has been talking about the production of the movie and why two actors in particular got all the press, even though there were others to choose from, several of whom would have been better choices.

It all came down to who was willing to do what on screen and off. The ones who were enthusiastic about getting naked and were willing to shoot scenes they knew would never be in the movie, were given the full press treatment. Those who hesitated and were not willing were ignored by producers and intentionally left out of press junkets and press packets. The one exception to this was an actor who was incredibly wealthy and who the producers thought they might need to go to for money in the future for projects. He was not subjected to any of the demands. Although most of you have not probably heard of him, he has acted for decades and has family members who are in the news on an almost daily basis.

Oh, the actors who were judged to be the most cooperative are currently an A+/A lister who is an Oscar winner/nominee and another actor who peaked at A for a quick minute and is now probably B list.

School Ties/Matt Damon & Ben Affleck/Brendan Fraser/Cole Hauser

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