Sunday, January 01, 2023

Blind Items Revealed #18

July 25, 2022

I'm not sure you can guess this. The main subject is a foreign born actress who doesn't really act any longer and when she did act, didn't do much you would see here. She has several million followers on social media. She likes to say she quit acting, but she was forced out. When she was in her teens, she became part of a group of teen actresses/singers who are thrown in a pool of potential dates. High ranking politicians, their offspring and select business executives can date anyone in the pool and when they get tired of them throw them back. Once they reach 21, they are removed from the pool. Teens as young as 14 or 15 have been known to be in the pool. In this poor country, parents are given a lot of money to allow their daughters to be in the pool, plus the daughters usually have a much better life and often end up marrying their suitor. Our actress exposed the whole thing though and some wanted her killed. She hated the fact she had to pretend she was carrying the child of an offspring of a former A++ lister in that country rather than telling everyone it was the dirty old man who was the father of the baby.

Jackie Appiah/Liberian president, George Weah 

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