Sunday, January 01, 2023

Blind Items Revealed #41

November 30, 2022

It is a tale you hear around town, but always think of it as a tale. You think to yourself there is no way that something like that could possibly be true, and then you realize it is Hollywood, and there are some very sick people in this town. A lot of people had to sign off on a lot of things in that Balenciaga thing. 

An open secret in town was that this A/A- list comic actor had raped and killed someone back in the day. Everyone talked about it, but it was a joke right? I mean he was publicly roasted and it was mentioned several times and people just laughed and laughed. Is it true though? Did he really rape and kill someone? Here is what I have found out. No, he didn't kill anyone. The person in question is dead, but there is no way he would have the capability to pull that death off. From what I have been able to figure out is that a couple of years prior to making it really big, the comic actor starred on a very short lived series. It was a reboot of a show that aired a decade or two earlier. The reboot did not do well. The reboot was filmed on the same lotas another show which was probably going to be a hit. That show was produced by some people who have some very powerful connections. That being said, this is not where this story is headed. I just think it is a very interesting coincidence.

Our actor took a shine to a teen shooting on the new show and and would invite her to watch him shoot and he would invite himself to her set and watch her film. This teen was already very well known and adult supervision was minimal. Our actor started sexually assaulting her on a fairly consistent basis for about a month. It would have probably gone on longer, but the teen was killed. The belief is that over the years, the story has changed. Yes, there was a girl raped. Yes, there was a girl killed. It is just that the actor didn't do the killing.

 Bob Saget/New Love, American Style/Love, American Style/Samantha Smith

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