Sunday, January 01, 2023

Blind Items Revealed #45

August 31, 2022

Many years ago when this north of the border singer was at his A list peak, he had an admirer. OK, he had lots, but this one was special. She was foreign born and a permanent A+ lister. She also was married at the time she met our singer. Being married didn't stop them from having an affair. Even after her divorce, they continued their love affair. One of the things our singer has been doing for much of his life is creating art and has hundreds of models who have posed for him nude and clothed. Our A+ lister did the same and was also the model nude and clothed for several rolls of film the singer had developed so he could continue painting and sketching the A+ lister. He has toyed with the idea this year to have an exhibition of the entirety of the collection. That would be huge.

Bryan Adams/Princess Diana

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