Sunday, January 01, 2023

Blind Items Revealed #46

December 29, 2022

I guess this could be called Old Hollywood, but two of the three people are still alive. Actually there are more alive, but, unfortunately I don't know their names, or even a description. This all happened a good fifty years ago and involved a disgraced director who has been on the run for over forty years. It also involves this alliterate actress who was very very young back when this happened and a permanent A list singer who wanted to watch the alliterate actress have sex with the director and also invited several other friends to participate who were also not much older than 14 or 15 at the most. It was wild orgy of pills and drugs and sex all weekend and apparently according to an offspring of the A list singer, there are films that exist of the weekend. The problem is there are so many films of so many weekend sex sessions and none of them are labeled. It is considered to be the world's largest collection of child porn, but no one seems scared to posses it. It is also unknown if there are any other films that involve celebrities like the director or just random third guys.

Roman Polanski/Priscilla Presley/Elvis Presley

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