Thursday, November 01, 2007

Paris Gets Sloppy Seconds

When Lindsay Lohan decided not to host the New Year's Eve Party at Las Vegas nightclub LAX, the club went looking for someone who didn't mind going in where others have been. What better choice than Paris Hilton who will make $1M for playing hostess, teasing a few guys and girls, and making sure the top of her dress falls down several times throughout the evening.

With no one taking Paris seriously as an actress or singer or designer, she is forced to do personal appearances for money. Hey at least she can afford to buy her own coke now.

Some reports have said that Paris' fee is the most money any person has ever been paid to appear in Las Vegas for one night. Although I know it is more than Celine Dion gets for a night, or Elton John there have been some one off concerts that paid more, and certainly boxers earn up to 20 times more for one night, so I think they need to clarify that statement. It is still a ton of money though not as much as she has earned. Paris was paid $2M to just sit in the front row at Kira Plastinina's fashion show in Russia for one hour. In case you were curious, the average annual salary for Russian teachers is $4000 per year.


nikki said...

Call me naive but I've always assumed the club/venue and the celebrities inflated those appearance fees. Great way to guarantee press leading up to the event... Paris hosted an event in Toronto recently, and no way did she make that kind of coin. said...

The only difference I see, ENT is that those others you listed were paid more to actually WORK. Paris gets paid just to occupy space and consume precious oxygen. I think that's probably what they meant.

Twisted Sister said...

For Christmas maybe EL will give us a month of posts that don't mention Paris.

I.P. said...

So the morons at LAX are going to pay Paris $1 million. Do they even do that much business in one night? Exactly what do they think they will get back by paying this skank of a whore that money? I hope LAX goes out of business.

audieh_1 said...

She looks like crap. And the garters? What the hell is that about?

DisorderlyMan69 said...

I hope Parasite Hilton suffocates on her own vomit one night.


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