Friday, May 09, 2008

Jessica Alba Working Hard For Her Baby Daddy

A month or so ago, I told you about Jessica Alba helping out her baby daddy Cash by starring in the videos for his new site. Well, apparently that must have worked out really well because now Jessica is in the staring contest and in what seems really unfair, in a contest for who has a photo with the biggest star. I think she kind of sold herself short by posting a photo of her standing next to Ben Kingsley. I still think adrian and her photo of Bono could win that thing.

Anyway, I did discover a whole new talent for Jessica. She actually is pretty good at this staring without blinking thing. Seven minutes without blinking while staring right into a camera. Oh, wait, that's her job. If the video below doesn't start, then click here.


Jewels said...

Please! I can beat THAT with one hand behind my back!


Joseph said...

The baby weight makes her look like Kim K.

p m said...

that's what i was thinking joseph

adrian said...

What??!! A new photo contest? Can I blink?