Thursday, May 08, 2008

But What About Her 17th Birthday?

I admit it. I'm not proud of it, but I admit the fact that if I am stuck in the basement on a Saturday and MTV is showing that show about 16 year old kids and their birthdays that I watch it. I can't help it. I love seeing how the kids manipulate their parents, sometimes it seems to the point of breaking them financially and the way in which they treat their fellow students. Oh the joy they must feel making their guest list and deciding who gets in and who doesn't. Part of me is jealous that the only thing I got on my 16th birthday was a $20 check from my grandmother and part of me is just knowing that this is so wrong and so horrible, but I just can't stop watching.

Today in the Daily Mail I read about what I think must be a record amount spent for a 16 year old though. It was $400,000 for one birthday party and that doesn't even include whatever presents she got from her parents. The kid in question is the daughter of a guy who is worth about $20 billion so $400,000 is probably what he spends on tips each day.

Still though, it just seems wrong. Some of the highlights were the $240,000 he shelled out to rent the club Paper for the entire night. The gift bags? iPods and jewelery. The food bill was $140,000 which just seems outrageous. These are high school kids. How the heck can you manage to spend $140,000 on food for a bunch of kids who probably didn't eat much anyway. The tab also included non-alcoholic drinks and again, how can you spend that much when there is no booze in the drinks.

You could have just thrown out some pizza and cokes and I doubt the kids would have cared. The only thing they probably cared about was finding someone to make out with and trying out their new iPods.

At this point I think the dad has kind of set the bar pretty high for himself. I mean don't you think the daughter is going to even expect more and more each year? What about Christmas or graduation, and don't even get me started on her wedding. I know she probably goes to a school with other rich kids, but what if their parents have some common sense? Do you think their son or daughter is going to understand why they can't have a $400,000 party?


captivagrl said...

don't forget the snotty kids on Sweet Sixteen who dis friends by not including them on the VIP list.

jax said...

Dear Mr. Money bags,

See item above what a spoiled child turns into.


Ice Angel said...'s his money and he can spend it however he pleases. I also don't worry about the kids who don't get invited. Oh, well...if they don't want to invite me the heck with them. I'll find something else to do.

I don't have enough time to spend on envying the haves...I'm too busy enjoying being who I am. That said, there are probably millions of people in the world who think all of the luxeries we have each and every day are a waste as well.

WTF said...

see tab for GMD's "daughter's" 2nd birthday. now that is a waste.

weezy said...

Is it too much to hope the Boithday Brat gave some of this loot to charity?

Sounds like Mummy, Daddy and Daddy's girlfriend didn't get invited out too much in high school -- if they finished high school.

It's unlikely alcohol *wasn't* in those drinks, especially since it's England and the kids were 14-17 y.o. and up. And it was a private party at a club.

The amount is outrageous, but this is probably this family's version of a coming-out ball for the kid, since it's not like they'll ever be received at Buck House. And it's a safe bet this kid is not heading for Oxbridge.

When you allow for top-drawer champagne and liquor, caviar, major-name live music and big-name DJ, security, VAT, security, gratuities, decorations (gold organza scarves over glitter table cloths, I imagine), limos, gowns, and *then* the breakfast and the after-party, the numbers sort of make sense.

jlb said...

Wow. My ex and I only gave our "poor" daughter a band trip to Seattle for her 16th. Damn us for including her education in her gift. LOL

jax said...

I don't have enough time to spend on envying the haves...I'm too busy enjoying being who I am.

-----------------------------'re too busy snarking on celebs like the rest of

RagDoll said...


heh heh heh!!! I had a thoroughly NOT educational slumber party with some burgers and go-carting thrown in. For a gift, I got the spare key to the car and some Nikes. Devastating, right? I dunno how I've managed to avoid a life of crime thus far due to that kind of abuse at the hands of my parents.... ***SNORT**

califblondy said...

Reading that EL watches Sweet Sixteen is the funniest thing I've heard all day. I guess there wasn't a "Good Eats" marathon last weekend?

bionic bunny! said...

okay, you guys believe he watches sweet 16, but not that he knows a 17 year old runway model???



Unknown said...

Hmmm... Perhaps, it's just me, but I don't see a thing in the world wrong with this. It's this dude's money, it's his child and if that's what makes everyone happy then Mazel Tov. Sweet Sixteen birthdays are a big deal to some people, it's one of those "big" birthdays, like turning 18, or 21. Perhaps, next year he'll just buy her some lovely gifts and throw a smaller party. Who knows... And since it's his cashola, who cares?

I was showered with gifts on my sixteenth birthday, including a brand new BMW and I'm not a jackass, jerk, drug addict, pompous bastard, alcoholic, whore, unwed teenage mother or spoiled brat. In fact, my family made a point of teaching me that when you have money, it's just natural to give back. It's your money and you should spend some, save some and donate some.

Not everyone who has money is a jerk who should be scorned, just like not every poor person is laudable and noble.


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