Thursday, May 08, 2008

Minnie Driver Loves Blind Items

I knew there was a reason I liked Minnie Driver. Turns out she must be a huge fan of blind items. She is playing out this pregnancy with one clue at a time and I love it. Instead of just saying no, or letting all the original guesses stand she provides more clues and later on she promises a reveal. She could start her own blog and post under Act Ress and I know it would be a big hit.

So, she has totally discounted the old popular choice of Craig Zolezzi. He is the guy most everyone had assumed was the father. I posted a photo of Minnie and Craig and Craig's son and it seemed like a good match.

Well, Minnie has provided a few more clues now.

1. He's English
2. Sort of in the same business.
3. No plans to get married.
4. Unplanned pregnancy

Notice she doesn't say if the guy is single or not. I'm going with Prince Charles because he's English and also in the entertainment business. Actually I think it could be anyone remotely related to the entertainment business. I mean it could be the guy that guesses your age and weight at the carnival on the corner. A carny kid would be cool. I am going with that because this sounds like a one night stand where they both got drunk and then look, she is pregnant. They can't get married because he hasn't told his wife, girlfriend or gay lover yet and so it has to stay quiet for now.


Maven said...

She's someone I've always wanted to meet. The few times I've seen her in interviews, she's really funny and doesn't seem pretentious at all.

jax said...

has she done any theatre in london lately? for some reason im thinking its a theatre actor.

SHE SHE said...

David Beckham. Please God, Please.

Kristen S. said...

Oooh! Oooh! Whatsisface....Apple's daddy!

Pinky said...

I'm thinking a musician as well. Let's not forget about Minnie's burdgeoning music career.

SHE SHE said...

What about Simon Cowell? That would be hilarious.

Khemenu said...

This whole thing seems sketchy to me. I figure that either:

1. He's married.
2. She's not 100% sure who the father is and is waiting until after a DNA test to go public.

Although, Minnie Driver is also a notorious drama queen/attention whore so this could just be farce.

Graveyard Rabbit said...

That's cool. I totally don't understand anyone who wouldn't love her. She doesn't seem to take herself to seriously, bless her!

captivagrl said...

eddie izzard?

Snautrag said...

OT: Popbitch blind

Which two LA-based superstars have started jogging together. Beverly Hills neighbours are enjoying gossiping about what they do to warm down.

Anonymous said...

I felt bad for her when Matt Damon made his announcement on Opa that they weren't a couple anymore. Really felt bad for her and thought Damon was an ASS.

Khemenu said...

When the whispers about her being pregnant first started, one of the first gossip items was that somebody overheard her on the phone talking about her ultrasound. She was overheard saying something like "Matthew doesn't want me to talk about it yet."

There's a cameraman on her show named matthew, but it doesn't say where he's from or anything. Would fit "in the same business, so to speak" part.

bionic bunny! said...

captiva, great minds think alike!!
wouldn't that be awesome? the kid would pop out in FABULOUS make-up and spike heels!

we need another executive transvestite. and if she's not doing him, i volunteer! *raises hand*


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