Friday, May 09, 2008

Thanks Natalie

I'm way too lazy to look it up, but a few months ago I wrote a post about Wuthering Heights and how the UK was all in a tizzy because the producers were going to cast American actors. Well, they did cast Natalie Portman and she then proceeded to give them a list of demands which they met, and then after that she said she wasn't interested and backed out of the project.

Thanks a bunch Natalie. You basically have ruined it for everyone now. Instead of doing what you were supposed to be doing, you are probably back in New York hanging out with that tool of a boyfriend of yours who walks around with a c**k as his glasses. Yes, it's true, and odd that her boyfriend and another guy went sex toy shopping together. I don't know about the rest of you but when I go sex toy shopping I don't usually take along another guy.

Meanwhile because she told everyone she was going to do the part, Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley both have committed to other projects. Here is my advice to the producers. As I mentioned in my previous post there have been about 100 different Wuthering Heights projects. What I suggest is you go the Airplane! or Scary Movie route and just make it a spoof on all the other period pieces. Sure, no one will get your references, but throw in some nudity and some fart jokes and you will probably get more ticket sales than the way you are going now. I mean the only people who are going to see it are, well, honestly, no one. How did you get financing for this thing anyway?


Robin the Mad Photographer said...

It's just as well that neither Sienna nor Keira is doing the movie--I guess I'm a mean bitch, but I just don't see either of them playing Cathy very well. (Natalie might have pulled it off, but I'm on the fence about that.) Surely there are plenty of no-name-but-talented British actresses who can act circles around those two, and who could really capture the character?... said...

Wait. He wears a cock as his glasses? Can we please get some pics of that?

Melody the First said...

HBO just did "John Adams" with about half the cast (including actors cast as four central characters) being UK actors. I find that an interesting comparison.

Unknown said...

hey hey hating on devendra.


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