Friday, May 09, 2008

Your Turn

In this week's edition I'm contributing one of my favorite Muppet Mother's Day videos of all time. This week, plug anything, but you can also give a shout out to your mother, share some story about your mother, or just someone you feel is a mother f**ker. Really, it is all about the mothers.


Ellen said...

Rickrolled by Beaker... my all time favorite muppet. I can't think of a better way to end the week...

It's officially beer-o'clock!

Thanks EL!

Anonymous said...

damn you, ent!

Happy mothers' day everyone!

I will continue to promote Gabriel Rios until he releases an album here or I forget. :)

Anonymous poster said...

AIDS/Lifecycle Ride for the Cure.

My friend and 2500 others are in training to ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles June 1-7 to raise funds and awareness for this dread disease that is still very much with us, a disease that is seeing a rise in those that are too young to remember the early days of the plague when an HIV positive status was a most certain and tragic death.

This ride is one of the most public ways of showing support, going through communities through the central coast of California who come out to support the riders as they roll through.

Those that can't contribute bodily, can always do so monetarily. I would never suggest that people only contribute to one rider only, but it's all going towards the same cause, and I would like to see the team have the greatest fund raising success to send them off.

Here is the link to the AIDS Lifecycle page --

My friend is rider #6043

Unicorn Jones said...

I may have seen this link here, but I can't remember. anyways, in honor of mothers day, I loovvvveeeee this blog


jax said...

LOL i fuckin love you man-classic.

i love my mom...and so can you!
1-866-jaxsmom. hahah friday brain.

my blog bitches,help a lazy ass reach her goal of quitting her day job.

Happy Mom's Day to all.

Maja With a J said...

*LOL* Rickrolled!!! Love it!

Unknown said...

My mommy drove all the way from Quebec to Niagara Falls (about 6 hours) today, so we could be together for a whole Mother's Day weekend.

She's the BEST!

Well, I am trying to get my business going, so if anyone likes unique, originally handcrafted jewelery, you could check out my site:
Some of it is a little out there, but hey, you might find something special for mom! ;)
I've been showcasing my dad''s work on there too. He's a wood turner, and does fantastic work.

Thank you Ent!

Anonymous said...

I just want to plug that picture. Everyone should spread it everywhere. It would amuse me to no end :)

califblondy said...

Interesting there are not alot of warm and fuzzy Oh My Mommy stories. That's funny. I guess I can thank the Queen Mum for the gift of snark. It comes in handy around here. Happy Mother's Day Mum, please try not to muck it up.

takeme2espana said...

I went to HS with a guy would looked just like Beaker. That made my day ENT. Love the Muppets! I married Animal and my son is the Cookie Monster....


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