Thursday, May 08, 2008

American Idol Sucks

I think that is a snappy headline isn't it? Although I think the show has many. many problems, this particular rant is about the show's producers. I have kept my promise to you and have not sinned since my last American Idol report. I find that I am living a happy healthier life, and love that I am not currently addicted to any reality program on network television. I like that last little qualifier.

I am not completely uninformed about the show however, and do realize there are only three contestants left. One of those is David Cook and his friends have actually started a foundation to try and raise money to bring his brother Adam out to the final of the show. No problem right? Just put him on a plane and be done with it. Well, Adam has advanced cancer and would actually need to be flown by a medical transport as opposed to just having to come on a commercial flight.
The founder of the charity estimates they need about $80,000 to make it all happen. Since they probably spend that much each week on Ryan Seacrest's hairspray you would think the producers would cough up the money just to look like good guys. I mean if Ryan can produce shows with Denise Richards and The Whore as stars you would think he would want some good karma on his side and pony up the dough himself. What about Simon and the million dollars he spent on one car? Surely he could cough up $80,000 for some sick kid to see his brother on the final of the show. Crickets. Nothing but crickets. What about Randy who spends that much a week on really bad clothing? The daaaaaaaaaawg has left the building. What about Paula? Well no one is really sure if she even understands what her name is at this point, so it isn't going to happen.

Fine, the producers and hosts are jerks, but surely, the charity should be able to at least post about it on the American Idol message boards. Nope. The founder states "I wrote about it on the 'AI' message boards, and they deleted every thread. They're only interested in promoting 'Idol Gives Back.'"

Look, I understand the point if someone is going on their message boards and trying to rip people off for money. However, this is an organization that can be vouched for and has only one purpose. It would be a feel good story for Fox and the producers. Instead they choose to continue to look like jerks. Oh, I'm sure eventually they will cave and will take all the credit for it and steamroll the entire foundation, but for now they are being jerks.

If you are interested in contributing, the website is


Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

I am not suprised. No one does anything about anything unless it's 90% selfish. Just wait til this becomes a more well known story... that Adam fella will be there to see his brother.Trust.

JL said...

I really really really doubt they will cave. At the very least I am sure they are defending their nonaction by looking at it as preferential treatment of one contestant. This season has really made me question my previous undying love for the show.

bionic bunny! said...

huh. now i have a defense for never having watched this tripe. i prefer to read, thank you very much.

Judi said...

I'm with you, Bunny. I don't watch it either, but would dearly love to stir up some shit. Fuuun.

what is eight past six? said...

Let me preface this by saying that I am NOT taking up for AI. Their treatment of Jason Castro was enough to make me want to give up on the show after this season. Hopefully I will remember how evil the producers are come January.

Anyway, I wonder if they are holding off on ponying up the money until they are sure that David Cook makes the finale. Adam was out there during top 7 week at least, so not being there next week won't be that big a deal. But the finale is a huge deal. Now, that being said almost everyone is expecting him to make the finale. It would just a matter of not seeming presumptuous and/or like this competition is so rigged that the votes don't matter, he will be there so let's fly out his brother.

But even if that is the 'excuse' AI is using I bet they still wouldn't cave. Oh, they may exploit the story for all that it's worth, make sure to flash Adam's face after every song Cook sings and heave everyone all teary-eyed and what not, but I am betting they won't put a cent toward getting him out there.

And don't even get me started on the 'scary' boards. They delete so much stuff over there.

tomorrow's music??? said...

the idea is good...its just been terribly twisted to produce almost nothing that stands as an "American idol" compare and contrast Jordan sparks and Leona lewis.


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