Thursday, May 08, 2008

He Can't Even Keep A Fake Relationship Together

The thing about fake relationships is they are supposed to be able to go on for an almost indefinite period because, well they are fake. There are no stresses about how you look or if the other person has a job or if they bathe frequently. It is just about being friends and as long as that continues then the fake relationship should also continue.

So, quite honestly it came as a bit of a shock when that dude who used to be on The Bachelor split up with Marla Maples. I thought that one had the potential to go on for years. I don't actually watch The Bachelor mind you. He might not have been on it at all. Someone could have just said he was on The Bachelor and I would say OK. Apparently the woman he chose on the show practically laughed at him and the ridiculousness of their relationship and so "the engagement" didn't last very long.

So when Andy Baldwin (I know, I know, it is why I called him dude. Too many Baldwins) suddenly showed up on the beach in Hawaii posing and air kissing Marla Maples I laughed and laughed and posted their photos and laughed some more. I mean come on. I thought it was good for Marla because she has been out of the public eye, but the only people who believed it were probably the people who paid them to pose on the beach like that.

Never saw them together again except for one more high publicity event. Then whoosh. Gone. When Andy who is now living in Washington DC was asked about Marla the other night he said, "The big move coupled with the long distance relationship wasn't working for us so I decided we were better off as friends."

So, just in case you were curious he is saying that he dumped Marla. Please. Isn't this guy gay? Is someone actually believing what he is saying?

You know what Marla said about Andy at the height of their two week relationship? "He's a good soul." Yeah that screams hot monkey love.


Kristen S. said...

My gayday went off when I watched himon The Bachelor. He's in DC, eh? I'm in DC. If I run into him, I will be sure to point & laugh.

jax said...

mine as well.

Jmrto said...

EL - Is it a guess that he is Gay ? Since he is in the military Don't Ask/Don't Tell is obviously an issue for him ... Why not "out" more people while your in a revealing mood?

Unknown said...

Not once do I see ENT say "I know for a COMPLETE AND UNDENIABLE FACT that this guy is gay." So what I'M thinking is, it's ENT's blog and he's posting about a guy who he THINKS is gay. And since it IS his blog he can say whatever he wants.

That would be MY best guess as to what happened here.


Carte Blanche said...

I mostly lurk, but...
When the bachelor first started, there were a couple of blinds about him that were pretty obvious.

Carte Blanche said...

I mean his edition of the bachelor


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