Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Rashida Jones goes out and about and the next thing you know she is in the top spot. Amazing how that whole process works isn't it?
Wow Angie Harmon is skinny. I mean Nicole Richie is probably under 90 pounds and Angie looks thinner than that.
Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend at the beginning of the night.

Charlize and Stuart at the end of the night. Well the end of the night in front of the photographers. OK, well the end of the night in front of photographers not inside their house.
I like Christian Olivier. I'm jealous of all his hair, but I like him.
Celine Dion - London

I think everyone knows by now that I'm a fan of Elle Macpherson, but the whole cause bracelet thing has got to go. I appreciate that people purchase the bracelets and I encourage you to do so and keep doing so because it raises much needed funds. However, when you go out, in my opinion it would be much better to wear just one instead of 8 because honestly there is no way anyone can keep track of what is what with that many of them.

All of my favorites were out last night, and most were at the same party. Here is Eliza Dushku looking gorgeous.
So is what Emanuelle Chriqui wearing simply like a dressier version of an Elvis jumpsuit?
So, Dina Lohan is not going to win any mom of the year awards from me. However, I don't really blame the organization that gave her the award. From the photos I saw, most of the recipients seemed to be in fact worthy of the award. What the organization did, was by announcing Dina was getting an award assured themselves of massive publicity which they got. As a result, the other moms who got awards got more attention and recognition then they probably deserved. Plus, I don't think I have ever got to see Dina's mom before so that was good.
I know Dustin Hoffman is probably hoping that since he took Lisa out that he doesn't need to get her a Mother's Day present for Sunday. He of course knows that the garage is not a comfortable place to rest his head and so will probably go ahead and get her a little something anyway.
Kylie Minogue - Paris

How do you know when it is true love and that you have your significant other whipped? They actually go shopping with you for something other than televisions or cars.
Its been awhile since Gretchen Mol made an appearance in the photos. She looks good. Not great, but really good.
One of the things I hate most is celebrities on a red carpet who are choosing not to smile or who look pained to be there. Hey, what are you complaining about? You make more than 99% of the world, work less hours, and are doing something most people would love to be doing. That's why I love Emmy Rossum and Julianna Marguilies in this photo. They are genuinely happy. Julianna is always happy anyway, but this is just a great photo.
Ellen Page in Japan. Whenever I see any of these photos I always want to go home and watch Lost In Translation.
I included the photo of Rosanna Arquette and was going to make some snarky comment but decided to be nice and just say how much I enjoyed Desperately Seeking Susan. The fact that I only liked one movie that she has ever done and that it was almost 30 years ago should not in any way be construed as snark from me to her, as I told myself I would be nice about this photo and not say anything about how it is getting difficult to discern the differences between Rosanna and Alexis.

Who thinks that Jeremy Piven has this photo as his screensaver this morning and that all night he was calling friends saying that Miranda Kerr was making moves on him?
I still don't believe this one.
I don't believe this one either.

Lets see. Zoe Kravitz is 19 and Maxwell will be 35 this month. Mom and dad are probably proud.

Tokio Hotel - New York
This is something that I heard about a couple of weeks ago, but haven't got around to discussing, because honestly it would take too much time. But, if you haven't heard of the Smiley Face gang, you need to, and if you have, does it freak you out as much as it does me? If you want to spend the rest of your day doing something really interesting, click here and read and see all about it. I promise you it is worth your time.
Another story that is worth your time to learn more about is the story of this woman. Her name is Samantha Geimer and she attended the premiere of the film about Roman Polanski last night. Nothing unusual about that until you learn she is the woman that was raped by Roman Polanski when she was 13 and why he no longer lives or is welcome in the United States. Samantha is 45 now and last night must have been an emotional rollercoaster for her.
This guy has movie star good looks doesn't he? Oh, wait he is a movie star.


lutefisk said...

Dina looks like she used the coat Lindsey "borrowed" for her new hair extensions.

Jasmine said...

Dina is a hot mess. There's nothing remotely redeeming about that woman, in my opinion.

Maybe I'm too young to appreciate the former Russel Crow, but I've never found him remotely sexy or attractive.

And is it just me or does Stuart Townsend always look like he's thinking of something really sexual and slightly perverted in every photo he takes?

Jasmine said...

Oh, and Rashida looks amazing. Nicole doesn't look bad herself. Had to point out my two fellow M├ętis!

Kristen S. said...

Depserately Seeking Susan was ALMOST 30 years ago? Try 33, my friend.

Kristen S. said...

Oh, and my main man Russell is still hot.

Jasmine said...

I'll let your poor choice in Russell pass since you also own a pug! =)

lutefisk said...

Desperately Seeking Susan is from 1985--Madonna has just started to hit it bigtime then.

Unknown said...

I agree; Rashida Jones looks flawlessly cool as always.

Samantha Geiner is incredibly couragous for showing up. Good for her!

I am fascinated by the whole 'Smiley Face Gang'- thing. Thanks, Ent!

IndigoBlue said...

Wow, Juliana's head looks photo-shopped on. It's creeping me out.

Russel Crowe was hot for like 30 seconds in the Gladiator era. From then on, he just looks like, um, this.

Am I the only one who gets not one bit of the hype on Kylie M?

I love the beginning and end of the night pics, Ent! It actually makes me think twice when I look in the mirror late on an evening out and think, "Not too bad." Yeah, it probably is, you just can't see it through the beer goggles!

jax said...

El are you forgetting a little movie Rosanna was in callled Pulp Fiction?

Kevin said...

Yes Ent, the Smiley Face thing is pretty fucking freaky. Makes those crazy snipers seem tame by conparison. My guess is the that are like crazy homophobes who pick guys up that are on the downlow.

It reminds me of a mystery here in Montreal a couple years ago. 2 guys were out clubbing and just dissapeared. Then there was footage of them found running away from some club. Then it was learned that they were, umm, actors. THEN, that they were actors in sexy movies, and not sexy with the ladies. Anyway, it was weird the had pieced together thier whole night out, had footage of them sprinting away from a club, I think it is still unsolved.

califblondy said...

Damn, Angie Harmon's head looks huge.

I love Stuart Townsend's belly peaking out of his shirt in the second pic. If that belly were hairy and busting through the buttons, he'd look like one of my exes.

I love Juliana, didn't she have a baby not long ago?

What in the hell is Kylie wearing? Talking about peaking out, is she wearing granny panties?

Who's kissing Madonna now? Is that Rhianna? Madonna is short and yet she's having to stretch her lips to reach Rhianna. I was going to make a joke about Madonna stretching her lips, but I'll be nice. ;)

mooshki said...

"Out and about" - is that code for "spying?" ;)

re: Rosanna Arquette - have you not seen After Hours?!!! said...

Dina Lohan looks like a hybrid of Mariah Carey and a chipmunk. "Get the nut, Dina, get the nut!"

Zoe Kravitz's boobs sure are....perky!!

Russell Crowe used to be known as the "Thighmaster"

Kory said...

That woman is very strong for attending that movie premiere.

Is that Russell Crowe's father?

jagerlilly said...

According to IMDB, Dustin is 70 years old. He looks AMAZING for 70!

Anonymous said...

Why would Samantha G. want to attend a premiere by the man that raped her???

Pinky said...

And no one's commenting on Gretchen Moll's dress? What the hell is that thing anyway?? Some housecoat wrapped around a black granny slip? Seriously fug and looks to be right out of Kylie's closet!

califblondy said...

I hardly noticed Gretchen's dress because I couldn't stop staring at her hair. WTH?

I remember years ago when she was on the cover of Vanity Fair as the "next it girl." What happened with that?

Joy said...

No worries about Zoe K + Maxwell, 'cuz Maxwell is gayer than a bunch of June daisies...

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin, I read all the Smiley Face Killer stuff and I am gonna have to agree with you somewhat on the "downlow" situation...its obvious these men were targeted, but my main question was how they were lured to the spot in question...and a downlow anonymous tryst was the first that came to mind. Obviously, the young men would have to be observed for some time to determine their "type", and it'd be easy afterwhile to spot which were closeted. And if the killers themselves were gay and particularyly angry about an all American boy's closeted status, well then there ya go.

lutefisk said...

Russel Crowe? I thought that was Fred Flinstone!

Pinky said...

I remember that too Blondy. They argued that the hype was too much for her to live up to. Meh - I never thought she was 'all that' anyway.

surfer said...

Ent, are you trying to telling us about a sex tape blind with Charlize and Stuart?

Indigo - I'm with you on not getting Kylie at all. Too flashy, botoxed, not a strong voice, hence all the dubbing on her music.

Kevin - I know the story you're talking about. Two young American guys, filming an x-rated movie in Toronto a few summers ago, went to Montreal for a weekend, then disappeared. Their bodies were found in a ravine, far from the city. I thought they had ruled the deaths accidental.

Snautrag said...

Kevin/Surfer: I read they were found in the bottom of a construction site for a highrise building nearby.

Anonymous said...

ha. the link for the smiley face thing is minneapolis/st.paul ABC station. I think the theory is interesting, but I'm not 100% behind it. It could still be coincidental.

Also, Samantha Geimer was at the premiere of the documentary about the case. And, she publicly said she has no hard feelings towards Polanski. Despite what happened to her, she is a strong woman and a survivor.

Winston Ono said...

Mooshki- After Hours is one of my all time favs!!!!

WTF said...

"Blogger Sylvia said...
Why would Samantha G. want to attend a premiere by the man that raped her???"

Blogger DNfromMN said...
Also, Samantha Geimer was at the premiere of the documentary about the case.

Either way it's odd.

redgurl72 said...

Rashida looks FAB. Angie Harmon is worrying me. Russell Crowe in a track suit just for a change.

In defence of Kylie - she still isn't looking terribly well after recovering from Cancer. She should probably be resting rather than touring.
I understand if America doesn't think Kylie is that great based on recent years but she's been around in Australia & England since the 80's so there's a lot of affection for her. said...

I'm thinking more like 23 years ago for the DDS. Whatever...

Russell Crowe looks a lot like my pillhead, alcoholic Uncle Mo. In fact, I took a doubletake when I was glacing through.

I wish Madonna would quit kissing other women. Yawn. I appreciate that she looks great and has a super body, works hard, blah, blah, blah. But she just doesn't surprise me anymore. She should use all the energy she has to do good work around the world. I am tired of seeing hr crotch. It's been, what...23 years? Give the poor thing a rest.

Wil said...

Ent Lawyer .. OMG! I was just talking about this case a few days ago. I have lived in Mpls since 1983 when I arrived to go to University. These rash of drowings in the Mississippi that have been occurring in Minneapolis, St. Cloud and La Crosse, WI since the late 90s are just too coincidental not to be the work of foul play. Since I don't really watch KSTP - I missed the story on this. The Pioneer Press (St. Paul's paper) and Mpls's Star Tribune have pretty much avoided the subject and left it in the "conspiracy theory" bin. But .. it is just too weird. There are girls who get wasted and wander out of bars alone in these places who don't end up in the river. Statistics would seem to dictate if this wasn't a murderer/ers - there would be gals pulled out of the river once in a while too. Right? Regardless, thank you for the story link .. it is nice to know this is drawing interest from other areas of the country.

plot said...


I always thought the difference was that drunk young women aren't going to relieve themselves in a river, weave, stumble, and fall in.

The NYC murder doesn't sound related to the mid-West deaths to me. That one sounds like a downlow situation.

I'm not buying any of it. Smiley faces are ubiquitous. If I was a reporter in Minn or Wisc right now, I'd take a camera to every bridge I could find and document graffiti smiley faces. Could they all be linked to murders?

The Cocoanut Grove said...

Stuart and Charlize always look so boring and humorless- glad to see them cutting loose and having some fun in the "after" photo. They actually look human for once. I thought it was a bearding relationship but now I wonder.

Is Julianna Margulies really the diva bitch I've always heard she is?

boobsu said...

Califblondy- it's actually a back-up dancer, not Rhianna

SHE SHE said...

That is the BEST picture I've ever seen of Mr. Crow! He looks like some of the losers you see hangin' out @ our local YMCA.

weezy said...

First of all, if you don't want Russell Crowe just throw him my way.

In Mariah -- notice she's using her husband's body to shield hers from view in each shot. Image issues much?

Why is she wearing my Auntie Emma's dinner napkin on her head? Strange choice for someone so obsessed with her hair and accessory details.

Unknown said...

Angie Harmon just has to be the answer to one of the blinds ENT has given, because every time she's shown on this site he always mentions how skinny she is.

Cocaine, anyone? Eating disorder for sure, but helped along by which substance?

No one is that skinny "naturally." And I do mean, NO ONE.


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