Monday, May 05, 2008

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

You know I was prepared to let the whole Gary Dourdan drug arrest just slide on by without making a comment. I mean he isn't going to be on CSI next season, and judging by his past behavior, his career would just end up going nowhere. Not wanting to take the time to discuss a guy who isn't going to even be around in a year or so seemed a waste. Then I realized, that a) there was nothing to talk about today, and b) the guy made me laugh really, really hard.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Dourdan said the drugs found in the car weren't his. Well, hmm. Let's see. Gary was in the car alone. Parked on the wrong side of the road asleep. When the police searched the car they found coke, heroin, ecstasy, and other prescription drugs. If it didn't belong to Gary, then he left some people mighty pissed back at Coachella.

I might be more likely to believe Gary if the entire cast had not come out and said how grateful they were that Gary was finally getting some help or if he had got his contract renewed. Gary. You need to fess up. Quotes such as "I am planning events to get the word out that you don’t need a bunch of nasty chemicals to have a good time. Just good friends, family, good music and a good honest spirit full of faith," might make your daughter believe you a little, but to the rest of the world you look like an idiot. Why don't you grow up so you can enjoy the rest of your life with your daughter.


YahMoBThere said...

Yes, and Jamie Lynn Spears was simply holding it for a friend.

captivagrl said...

doesn't sound like he's ready to get the help he needs.

jax said...

ya cuz because i always shoot smack before a concert! nothing like slurring,bobbing and weaving and nodding out in the middle of Jack Johnson!
you bring the party Gary!

Anonymous said...

I guess his mind is still fogged up so he couldn't come up with a better excuse.

Judi said...

He's taking everyone for idiots if he thinks anyone believes this statement. Total, complete B.S.

noel said...

Yeah it is total bullshit but from a legal perspective you've gotta try everything...

I hope he does get the help that he needs and I hope he realizes this before it is too late.

I wish him all the best!!

And yes, I love him in csi, but I love sara more!!


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