Thursday, May 08, 2008

Random Photos Part One

In what used to be a regular sight, but is now limited to once every 120 days is the fabulous Lauren Graham and the soon to be 30 and looks 20, Ginnifer Goodwin.
The amazing Andrea Bocelli.
It's a Lohan. Ali Lohan to be exact as well as Taylor Swift. Neither looks particularly thrilled at this coupling, but Taylor looks gorgeous.
Not a big fan of Eva Amurri, but she does look really good here.

So are all of you happy that Clive Owen has made an appearance?
What about twice? Do you need more?
Tilda Swinton and Ben Barnes. Ben just looks thrilled, and Tilda seems to have a little smirk going on. Interesting.
Alexa Ray Joel & Billy Joel - New York
I like Julia Roberts but you could take this "serious" pose and put it in any of her films. It never changes.

Jason Lewis. Nothing to say really. Just knew you would like him.
It just kind of seems appropriate to have Harry Dean Stanton posing while lighting a cigarette. I mean do any of you think he would look cool sipping on Vitamin Water or something. I'm actually disappointed that the cigarettes are filtered.
The new and curvier Hilary Duff and Katharine McPhee. You know the scene in Better Off Dead where they are at the school dance and the band is playing. The lead singer of that group looks exactly the same as Hilary Duff here, except not as blond. That expression on Katharine McPhee's face is priceless. You know I like her so when I say that she looks vacant, I say it out of love.
That's got to hurt.

Did you hear Ashton Kutcher say he wanted to make a movie version of Punk'd? You know something with a bigger budget and more over the top.

So does this high waisted thing mean I can bring out my Sansabelt slacks also? I miss them.
Madonna on a world tour. Sticky and sweet seems kind of appropriate. Could have called it making out with a strange woman in each city tour, but couldn't get it all to fit on the poster.
The having fun photo of the day goes to Lake Bell.
I really do love Kellie Pickler. Wow, for a guy who doesn't watch American Idol anymore, you can tell I used to. This is the season that I stopped.

Hey, it's Nadia (I kind of look like a cross between Tara Reid and Carmen Electra) Bjorlin and the cheesiest guy around Brandon Beemer.

Mark Ronson - Amsterdam
Am I alone in liking Michael Madsen?
Where else are you going to see this photo of Morgan Fairchild in a lovely yellow dress? I would rather hang out with Morgan Fairchild than anyone from The Hills. I want my stars to be more than just great self promoters.
Matt Damon on the set of his new film.
This will probably be the only time you ever see Pierfrancesco Favino simply because his name takes forever to get right.

Hey Peter Dinklage. Yes, you are a very good actor, but it is okay to enjoy yourself. It's a premiere. You know, press, girls, guys, whatever you like and lots of booze. You are the center of attention for a brief few hours. Enjoy it. Embrace it, or go work at McDonalds. Not In-N-Out though. I don't want you ruining the experience for me. I like cheery.
They better use for their Christmas card this year. I almost didn't recognize Joel Madden without his RUN DMC suit on.
Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson. No embarrassing photos for Natasha last night.
Natasha Bedingfield. I feel like I know her so well.
This is Vincent Fantauzzo and he won the Archibald Prize as the People's Choice in Australia for this work of art. I love it which is why I put it in here.

Sting - New York
How sad is it that I know who like four daytime soap stars are. Here is one of the four. Susan Lucci.
Is this the same tub that Vanessa Lemon Jello and Nick Lachey had sex in, because Robbie Williams might not want to get naked in the same place.
Rose McGowan with a new hair color and a new foot accessory.

You know and I know we have a Britney ban on the site, and honestly I don't know why everyone makes a big deal about her being on How I Met Your Mother, but as a reward for doing so well with her recovery, and because Neil Patrick Harris is in the scene, here is a clip of her latest performance.


Anonymous said...

Katherine McPhee looks like a mannequin!

Kory said...

I have always loved Tilda Swinton and she has the same name as my Grandma.

I had no idea that Natasha and Liam were still together. Are they? Good for them.

The Matt Damon looks creepy and I don't like him anymore after he came out against violence in video games, but does violent movies. Hypocrite!

Jasmine said...

God, do I LOVE me some Jason Lewis. That man does it every which way for me!

Unicorn Jones said...

I loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee michael madsen

ent -- you are definitely not alone

is he related to virginia madsen? does anybody know?


SchmaddaKid said...

EL, you are not alone. Who couldn't love Mr. White???

Unknown said...

Ooo, so many things to comment on today...

I don't know how tall Taylor is, but Ali Lohan looks like she should be dating Dinklage

I see Alexa Ray got Billy's nose

HDS should always have a cig in his mouth. I hope he's buried that way. Hmmm, or maybe cremation would be more appropriate.

Yay Lake Bell, hope she gets more work.

Good call on the Nadia Bjorlin description.

Morgan Fairchild still looks awsome.

Ellen said...

Sigh... is it wrong to say I'd totally do Robbie Williams?

I know he's not as hot as he used to be, but I still can't help it.


Kat said...

Unicorn, I believe they're brother and sister, actually. I think Michael Madsen is totally underrated, though. Always like seeing him in films.

Love Lauren Graham too. Wish we saw more of her.


Love the Clive Owen. Gorgeous. Thank you. said...

So are Mariah and Nick punking us or what?

Bad Ass Momma said...

I love Michael Madsen. i watched "All In" today with him and Dominique Swain

surfer said...

Sansabelt = without a belt? I sort of took you for a low-rise kind-of-guy.

Oh Enty, you're not alone on the Michael Madsen train. I believe he was Mr. Blonde.

califblondy said...

Oh damn, that pic of Fergie is hard to look at. I love my stilettos, but once they go sideways it's all over. I've had a couple of painful twisted ankles like that. I'm not sure if it was booze or shoes that caused my crash though.

Jason Lewis is yum f'in ohhh.

Julie said...

LOL is there a support group for Michael Madsen lovers? Because seriously, I've been in love for EVER lolol
I watched All In a few weeks ago (i actually posted a comment on an entry, hoping DS would see it about how I had been talking in emails to Loren Comitor, who I think was the set director or producer? something like that)

but yeah, i adore MM. :D
And Clive Owen. And Lauren Graham. so GOOD RANDOM PIC DAY. Almost as good as the random picture of Evan Dando who I um...yeah long story :D

Liebez said...

Michael and Virginia are slinlings

Liebez said...


Ms. said...

Most of the photos are not showing up today. Anyone else having this problem?

Unknown said...

/me chortles at slinlings and sliblings :)

jax said...

i am too ms. video is dead too.

elle- i would do robbie with 50 more lbs! the man is just sex.

jason lewis- yumm yum yum
clive owen- ditto
mark ronson- me love you long time

surfer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sinjin said...

Interesting painting of Heath Ledger by Vincent Fantauzzo. Heath looks so weary, but apparetnly he was hopeful. Does anyone else think he looks like an Hispanic L.A. gangmember? Especially the profile on the right.

jax said...

i love that pic of Heath..the angel and devil on each shoulder, how poetic.

califblondy said...

I was having probs with the pix today too for some reason. Everything looks good now.

Kim said...

Okay, I love Nadja and Brandon, but I have been a Days of our Lives devotee since I was about 4, so I get some slack.

I hope the Ginnifer/Harry Dean Stanton shots are a harbinger of things to come and that maybe, just maybe, Season 3 of Big Love might be coming soon? I lurves me some Beeg Lurve..

jennay said...

The guy who painted Heath has had tons of very high offers for that painting but he gave it to Heath's mum instead.
Oh and Michael Madsen is HAWT!

Amy said...

What is with the awkwardness in the Joel and Nicole pic w/ the hands by Joel's mouth?

bionic bunny! said...

@amy-i know! i was thinking he's using her as a hookah! (sp?)

kim, me too. i think its summer or fall for big love. wish HBO would give us the same number of shows per season as the networks. love me some bill paxton, too!!!

Bad Ass Momma said...

Kim - I am jonesin for some new big love

Unknown said...

Oh no! I keep confusing Robbie Williams and Robin Williams! I bet Jax doesn't make that mistake. ;-)

blankprincess said...

My my...Sting's looking a little beat. Perhaps the marathon sex sessions and swinger parties are getting to be a bit too much for Gramps to handle?

barry said...

Finally some Lauren love. She looks great in that shot. Ginnifer's awesome, award was well deserved.

Amber said...

I miss seeing Lauren Graham on my television bigtime :(

Poor Fergie with that trip! It's strange how majority of the time you can recover from a little tumble like that, and sometimes it hurts like a bitch.

Robbie Williams doesn't even look like Robbie Williams in that set of pics!

kellygirl said...

thanks for the Bocelli - LOVE it!

I thought Nicole was holding a joint or pipe up to Joel's mouth at first glance

Yellow Rose said...

dave- Taylor is insanely tall (I think close to 5'11"-and she's only 18!!!)

A little off topic: Taylor is very talented, but too sweet & immature for my taste, I prefer the little blonde spitfire from Texas, Miranda Lambert-SHE knows how to write a "revenge song". Taylor's stuff is downright juvenile (esp "Picture to Burn"-her revenge song) compared to Miranda's "Kerosene", "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" & "Gunpowder & Lead" (my fav). Unfortunately mainstream radio & country music hasn't given her the recognition she deserves.

mooshki said...

I too love Michael Madsen. One of his scenes in "My Boss's Daughter" had me laughing so hard I literally almost peed my pants.

I'm sad Days fired Brandon Beemer - he and Nadia had good chemistry.

Is the Natasha R. comment a reference to a blind? And the Natasha B. comment refers to W.D.'s music video, right?

I don't know why anyone would ever get into a hotel hot tub. God only knows what has gone on in there before.


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