Monday, May 05, 2008

The World Of WD

I was tired and starving !

And I'm bragging about it! Definitely NOT complaining about it.

So I booked the spokeswoman job that I wrote about earlier. YAY! And I booked another day doing MoCap for another video game. YAY! The crazy part of it is both of them end up needing me on the same day. However, the universe rocked my world because it all worked out! So this is my day.

5AM Wake up to deal with customer service of the product that I am now
the spokesperson for trying to get the product (that they gave me to
play with) all worked out.
6AM Head down to Marina Del Rey to get to the Activision studio
7AM call time at the studio. Get suited up.
1PM wrap on the video game (they only needed me for half a day)
2PM arrive on the set for the spokesperson job.
3PM Hair and make-up
4PM wardrobe
5PM start shooting 9 straight pages of solid text. I mean not in
script form. In text, like a book. And I'm already at a 12 hour day.

* please note at no time the schedule above was there time for
eating... oh wait, I DID have a granola bar.

6:13PM I'm on the stage under the lights. I have a teleprompter but
the words are swimming and my eyes are crossing . There are 20 people
sitting and watching. Thankfully the camera over heats. We take a
6:30 I'm eating pizza
7PM I'M BACK! I'm on a roll. One take. Eyes uncrossed. Words are
staying where they should be!
9PM They ask me if I can keep going and MAN I could! God bless pizza!
10PM Wrap. I got to keep the shirt. I went straight home.

So what a great reason to be tired and starving right? Not complaining. Bragging. Would love to have more of those days! I know I've been irregular with writing. I haven't forgotten just want to make sure that I have good stories to tell! The web series that I'm producing shot it's episode today. Or part of the first episode today. It's going to be hilarious! I'll keep you posted.


CT-Hilltopper said...

No wonder actresses look like they're starving...there's no time to EAT!!!
I think my Hollywood career would be short, I become a godawful bitch if I don't eat.
I'm glad things are going well for you WD. Can't wait to read about the web series!

Unknown said...

Hmm, Indigo, maybe that's why there are so many Diva/bitch rumors, I get right cranky if I don't eat regularly. And it ain't pretty. LOL!

But I do love these kinds of days, where everything just sort of falls into place, and you get to bed feeling like you've actually accomplished something.

Brag away! ;)

Sinjin said...

I'm lost. Who/what is WD, and why are we being updated as to his/her day? I've only been lurking here about a month, so I've not up to speed on this. Insight would be appreciated.

jax said...

you need to carry fruit with you WD. no excuses!

Maja With a J said...

Lisa, we don't know who WD is, we know she is an actress and a stunt person and lives and works in LA, but that's it. She took over the mystery writer job after everyone figured out that the previous one was Dominique Swain! :)

Anonymous said...

WD, I'm with jax. Time to put some food in your purse.

Now that we have pretty close to confirmation who you really are, now we have to figure out why your initials are WD.

bionic bunny! said...

i find when i'm real busy i'm not hungry, but then i can stand to miss a few meals!
WD, sounds like you had fun in spite of the long day!
wish you could tell us more...
question: when one become a spokesperson for a product, does the person ALWAYS know/like the product? i've often heard in the past about actors who would only support products they used/believed in, others who would work for anything as long as it payed.
i know that isn't written very well, but do you understand what i'm asking?

Sydney in Wonderland said...

Jax: My mother always tells me to carry fruit because I don't get a lunch break at work. Problem is, I can't eat at work. Not just like my boss will get mad, I work in archives so I could seriously screw up a lot of important stuff if there was a mishap.

DN: I remember WD meaning Wendy Darling, for some reason. I have no idea how OUR WD is connected to Wendy, but someone had it figured out. Am I wrong?

amyspice said...

I saw the video you were in this weekend (from your post earlier this year, or late last year). I was very excited, but my husband and 7 year old looked at me like I was nuts. My daughter loves Natasha Bedingfield, so you are way-cool in her book!
Keep up the great posts, love reading them!

Sydney in Wonderland said...

Aha, someone WAS on the money with the WD=Wendy Darling bit. Sorry I don't remember who you were, but good job! AY is the voice of Wendy in the new Tinkerbell movie that's currently in post-production.

Katy said...

I love hearing about your stories, WD.

And it's nice to know that even celebrities are rushed off their feet at work!!


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