Friday, May 09, 2008

Lauren Conrad Isn't A Very Good Friend

Lets say you go out to a bar with someone who is struggling with sobriety. Do you say to that person, "hey, lets drink some tequila shots?" I would hope not, but apparently Lauren Conrad had no problems doing just that with Lindsay Lohan. According to the NY Daily News, both Lindsay and Lauren were seen together knocking back shots of tequila at the Crown Lounge. Lindsay being sneaky, turned her back each time so no one could see. Of course, being the idiot she is, she failed to notice the big plate glass window reflecting her image to the rest of the bar. Even if it was Lindsay's idea and it probably was, what kind of person are you that you are encouraging it by knocking back shots with her. If you don't want to, you can just say you are about to leave. Don't give the person a drinking partner or an excuse to drink.

Now word comes that Lindsay has been dropped from her supporting role in Manson Girls. Maybe she should quit the drinking and partying so she could actually get and keep some work. Either that or she and her dad could start doing one night father daughter shows in casinos around the country. That would actually be kind of fun to see. Would be a train wreck, but fun. Watching Michael strutting around some Indian casino in the middle of Nebraska at the end of the show would even be better. Bet he would make people kiss his ring.


Anonymous said...

Are there any supportive people around Lindsay?
Has Lauren ever thought for herself?

Spring Luvr said...

Ho hum, where's the FFF complete with obligatory snide comments from scorned women about how small the men are? I mean they're practically an institution now, right?

~crazy peanut~ said...

She's only thinking about getting herself in the papers, what better way then shooters with Linds.

Burgundee said...

Drinking in public is not sneaky. You get a good disguise, you pay the local wino to get you your liquor while you wait in the cab, then you register as Anne Smith at the Motel Six. THEN you start pounding the shots. Amateurs.....

Andrew Fine said...

Lindsay is responsible for her own actions. She could have done a hundred other things besides "sneak" shots.

Yes, it wasn't very nice of Lauren to tempt her, but she doesn't strike me as having a lot of integrity in the first place. Which is why Linds is hanging out with her. People with integrity are like kryptonite to addicts.

Anonymous said...

spring luvr you must mean all the snide comments about small penises coming from women who are tired of the double standard of "must have huge boobs and flat stomach" coming from "has manboobs and a dick that looks like a button sewn onto his crotch". If women don't get tougher on men's appearances, then the unfair fatass-with-hot-chick scenario will NEVER stop being played out!

Plus, most of those guys, even if they WERE erect in the pictures, still wouldn't measure to seven inches, which should be the superficial Fuck You Men standard that women hold them to as a payback for all the unfair standards that have been enforced on us for years.

califblondy said...

Thanks Feebes, I took notes of your post. I'll try to remember that Saturday night.

Bad Fish - ". . .dick that looks like a button sewn onto his crotch". Now that was funny!

jax said...

hahaha bad fish you schooled that one! so damn true.

hey if you don't want to be pointed and judged don't get your small limp dick out. simple.

and who said we were scorned? i can be happy as hell and still think a dick is small.

GammaGirl said...
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Jesse D said...

Bad fish is my hero.

Spring Luvr said...

Smells like day old Fish -
Oh you thought I meant perpetuation of wrong ideals was the way to ahndle things. Nope, thats not what I meant at all.

How did you come to the conclusiong that men are the only ones who protray the big boobs and flat stomach as desirable? Jeez, wake up to reality.

No, I meant the scorned, bitter women who make themselves feel better by making snide comments about men who are obviously avarage in size.

Since you think the best way to respond to your insecurities about the big boobs/flat stomach thing is to rip on men, then you must be one of these women making comments.

I think its really funny that you can't see yourself as you truly are...too inexperienced with penises to know that flaccid size is no indicator of erect size....and willing to lash out at men's penises in response to your insecurities over not being able to live up to the showbiz industry's "glamour ideal" of big fake boobs and flat stmachs.

You poor thing. You're probably not all that bad, dont take it so hard

SHE SHE said...

Bad Fish is my hero too!!

Spring Luvr said...

Imagine if men were to say something like....damn, she's got NO tits whatsosever, Ent! Why put her on here in the first place?

Imagine how you feel toward the guy that said that.

What an ass, right? Probably has a little dick, right?

Check the mirror, babe. That's who you are

GammaGirl said...

Pfft! This is what happens when you stray from the watchful eye of SamRon...

No comment on LC. The Hills girls will fade away into obscurity if we ignore them. Hating on them only seems to make them more popular.

Anonymous said...

Oh now you guys are gonna hate me. Bad fish= Trix. I changed it last night.

Oooh he made the day old fish smelling vagina joke! In the three years I've used that as my nickname on websites and messageboards, I've NEVER heard that one!

Actually, it comes from a Sublime song. Sorry.

As for penises, my last boyfriend was seven and a half inches. As for how many penises Ive seen, I've slept with over forty men in my 24 year life. Yup, suck on that. Call me a slut, I don't give a shit--I wanted an orgasm, so I sought one out. First you say I've seen hardly any dicks, as an insult-- But I bet know that I say I have, youll call me a slut, just ANOTHER unfair double standard.

I've actually NEVER commented on the tiny dicks in FFF, but you'd love to make that assumption because then it'd fit your little "bitter ole woman" theory. Just wait a little later in the day, and you'll see that its not "bitter ugly unattractive" woman, either.

Did I say that men are the only ones saying big boobs and flat stomachs are nice to look at? They are nice--IM A BISEXUAL. HOWEVER its men's superficial obsession with such things that have made them a driving force in our advertising and media--it worked so well, that now almost every ad has an element of sex in it. And those subconscious messages, from those images, make an impression on woman as to what their men want from them. And MOST of those aren't positive, attainable images (unless you got a running tab with a plastic surgeon).

For someone who's accusing me of being bitter and washed up and not measuring up to the competition, you sound awfully familiar, spring luvr. After all, you DID start this dialogue. You come off sounding more jealous and bitter than I ever could have.

As an attractive woman, I'm doing my part to SAY NO TO SMALL DICKS.

Lets start a campaign.

surfer said...

Thanks badfish - very eloquent.

And springluvr - who exactly is the one with the chip and the issues? Hmmmm.

As any long-time reader knows, Ent not only encourages, but looks forward to our comments, especially regarding FFF. You know nothing about us and/or our experiences, so are hardly in a position to be standing there passing judgement. Any picture that goes up (on FFF) is fair game. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

oh and PS spring luvr-- on the issue of small titties and if we'd ask why someone was on this site if they had small titties and how would we feel.

The thing is, we don't have a feature here every Friday for full frontal titty shots. If we did, and the sole purpose was to show boobies, then yeah, you probably WOULD hear that from a few people. But the fact is, regular ole photos of folks isnt going to garner those comments, because thats not why they're here. FFF is for the viewing of male penises, so we get to say what we want. If we had somewhere to post boobs and comment on them, hell yeah you'd see all kinds of rude commentary ranging from "those are too small" to "those are fake" to "those are lopsided" to "those are too big" to "those are nasty looking".

How would we feel? It happens EVERY DAY every where we look, every website we go to, every blog we look at, whether or not thats even the purpose or topic of the site or posting or conversation. So suck on that.

Marnie said...

Sanctimonious Days and Nights

jax said...

spring luvr you seem to be very senstive to this issue so to that i say:

"You poor thing. You're probably not all that bad, dont take it so hard"

its kinda funny that you would think that becasue we judge the size of famous cock that we'd be ugly with no tits. hardly..snort i've got DDs and a cute face to match. get over it,finally women are holding men to the same standard on something they can't control- the size of their genitals. doesn't feel so good does it?

Mother Campfire said...

Give it a rest. Seriously, who gives a shit. You're not going to teach anyone anything in a fucking blog. You're basically clawing at a brick wall.

You both are seriously wasting your time bitching at each other.

Anonymous said...

well if you want to get technical about it, aren't we all just wasting time, here, really? So long as I feel I've said my piece and feel good about it, doesn't feel like a waste of time to me. Not tryin' to school the infants, but I will verbally bitch slap one if it makes me feel good.

Mother Campfire said...


Anonymous said...


jax said...

you're right its only relveant when calling people racist.
can't have it both ways.

Mother Campfire said...

I'm not taking the bait, Jax, but you can certainly go ahead and try.

Spring Luvr said...

Fishy, Jax, whatever you call yourself,

I never said you were washed up, or couldn't measure up to any competition....your apparent insecurity must have lkead you to feel that way.

I never said you must be ugly because you lash out.....your apparent insecurity must have lkead you to feel that way.

I said bitter and scorned.

And since you respond by escalting heated feelings and make up words that I never used, yeah you do indeed seem quite bitter.

I never was that invested in thsi....but if you read JaxFish's imagined words that were erronieously accredited to me, you might get that impression I guess.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I love it when people assume I'm Jax. Take a look at her blog, then take a look at mine, and realize that no one could possibly be both me and Jax, trust.

Funny, spring luvr, that I've given so little fuel, that you have to pick out the one thing I said that was even remotely possibly vulnerable and twist it around to try and fit your little scenario. YOu had HOURS to come up with a rebuttal, and thats the best you could do???

Bottom line, you have small dick syndrome, and you're whining like a little pussy bitch and getting called out for it. I, on the other hand, acknowledge that its perfectly fine for anyone here to point out a small dick, and doing so doesnt make them bitter or scorned or inexperienced with dick or insecure or any of those things you said. I'm sorry I don't fit your little theory in any way shape or form, and that you have to resort to reading into what isnt there, to try and save face for your lame outburst.

giraffe said...

Wow, that was interesting. I love the comments on FFF because it's really refreshing to get out my internalized oppression of being a woman. Spring Luvr is correct, however. Let's call it what it is.

what is eight past six? said...

Some days, I swear. But it wouldn't be CDAN without this at least once a week.

The last time I had sex the guy had a little dick and he was HORRIBLE and I was so pissed with myself for doing him just for the sake of "getting some" (yet getting nothing out of it) that I just swore off sex, period after that. I said to myself I would only get with a guy again if it was someone I actually wanted to fuck, not "I felt like fucking and he was the guy that was flirting with me when I walked out the door." Which, btw, does not equal desperation. It just was what it was.

That was 6 1/2 years ago. I jokingly 'celebrate' another year every October in dude's memory.

There is no moral to this story by the way except that...HELL YEAH I feel bitter. And I have damn good reason! Have you ever fucked someone with a small dick? When you do, you will understand why it is worth the scorn. Total waste of my damn time. (Hey, you would NOT see me complaining if he'd actually been any good.) I see nothing wrong with pointing out that someone has a small dick. I just hope they have a long tongue to make up for it.

I never look at the FFF posts, btw. Not sure why. I look at penii elsewhere.

I am with bad fish/trix/jax/WHOEVER she is (easy for me to say 'who cares' as I've been entertained by all three at some point). JUST SAY NO TO SMALL DICKS is a great campaign slogan. Maybe Hillary could actually win if she used it.

surfer said...

Oh Gayla, you made my day!

Small dicks, big dicks, neither situation is great. Right down the middle works for me. We have ALL been there. Nothing worse than a bad lover. You work with what you have, and learn to be good. If you're not strong, um, in one area, you learn to make up for it/be great in other ways. (This post should probably be on FFF, but what the hey!).

Unknown said...

I have small boobs and that is fine. At least I am confident enough to stay 100% real, even with financing options.

And wallet size trumps penis size in the real world anyways.

For me, I don't have fixed standards on either requirement, but most males out there would not pass other fixed standards.


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