Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Met Costume Institute Gala Photos - Richard Snark

Richard, the intrepid reporter who assisted on the Katy Perry review is back. This time he brings his snark front and center in these Met Costume Institute photos.

George and Julia were co-chairs for the event.

Anna Wintour – the arbiter of style (OY!)

Anna’s daughter Bee – Isn’t the mother supposed to be tastefully dressed and the daughter supposed to be trying too hard and wearing something inappropriate.

Tom & Gisele – neither looking very good

Naomi Watts got into the spirit of the event and looks damn fine.

I think Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson look great.

Zac Posen went for the comic book effect (note the stripper heels on Kate Mara).

Not the best shot of Lauren Hutton but in any case, she is still incredible.

Thandie Newton didn’t have time to put on her dress and showed up in her robe and foundation garments (by Chanel).

I was glad to see that Lynda Carter was invited.

Becks & Posh (their on/off BFF Tom & Kate were also there as were Mark and Jennifer but I will save your retinas and not include those photos).

This is just wrong: Tilda Swinton and Justin Bond. How frumpy can you get?

Janet looks great.

Ashley looks great. Mary Kate could use a comb and some product but on the whole looks pretty good.

Are Eli Manning and Abby McGrew going to the prom?

This look is over.

Andre Benjamin shows him how it should be done.


CarolMR said...

Wow - Mary Kate looks like Ashley's mother. Tom Brady looks a little like Leo in that picture.

captivagrl said...

mary kate looks like shit.....as usual.

lutefisk said...

John Mayer is a tool.
Bee looks stunning.

Anonymous said...

I love Tilda to death, but she looks so washed out in that photo.

And yay for Lynda Carter.

touched said...

total yay for Lynda Carter! Bitch can wear a dress

califblondy said...

I thought Tom and Giselle looked hot. Same with David and Posh. I liked her new doo.

I thought Katie Holmes' red dress was gorgeous, but the blue shoes? WTH? The picture I saw was of Tom dragging her up the steps. He probably wanted to be a few steps up so he wouldn't look so short.

Anna Wintour's dress looks like a bad space costume from the original Star Trek series.

Where's Kimora? She had a wild ass dress. www.nypost.com has a ton of pix if anyone is interested.

Jade, That Girl said...

It should be said that the theme of the event was Superheroes. Hence why Lynda Carter was there and why Thandie Newton looks a little like Cat Woman.

Ms. Taggart if You're Nasty said...

Ooooohh!! I see Suri's daddy!

Lux Luthor said...

Wow, Ashley Olsen really does look great. It can happen! Mary-Kate, on the other hand…well, carolmr is spot-on. She DOES look like Ashley's mother there. It's hard not to make fun of her--she looks like Mrs. Roeper, Sally Kirkland and Tara Reid all rolled into one. But I also think it's kind of sad how fucked up and old-beyond-her-years she looks. Her posture's terrible, she looks like she's already got osteoporosis.

I'm a little horrified by Lynda Carter's YFZ Ranch-style hair (and Tilda Swinton's too), but it's so nice to see her and she still looks better than 99% of the people there. Love the dress too. She's gorgeous!

Love, love, LOVE Andre Benjamin!

becktaro said...

are Tilda Swinton and Justin Bond wearing the same shoes?

surfer said...

shiny_special_one - you beat me to the punch! That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw the pic of Lynda Carter - what is up with the polygamist-style hairdo? She's absolutely stunning, but the hair ruined the look.

And Anna W's jacket - sort of reminiscent of Jennifer Hudson's at the Oscars. Which everyone blasted. Andre Leon Talley must have had a part in that.

Julia & George, classy as ever, and could teach the younguns' a thing or two.

These pictures are really fabulous and the women look gorgeous (most of the guys too!).

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Gisele looks like she might be trying to hold back a fart.

Winston Ono said...

In other pictures i saw Mary Kate looks like the innkeepers wife from Les Mis.

Katy said...

I love Zac Posen's outfit--showing the hokey side of the both the event and its theme (and Kate's dress is equally fantastic)

And Bee's dress needs to be in my closet.

Lux Luthor said...

OMG, Tilda Swinton and Justin Bond ARE wearing the same shoes!

To Surfer: You know what they say, "The higher the hair, the closer to God."

Lux Luthor said...

"Gisele looks like she might be trying to hold back a fart."

I LMAO when I read that.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Just whoa on Tilda & Justin.

bionic bunny! said...

LOVE that lynda's wearing the "wonder woman" bracelets! and if she had WW's crown, her hair makes sense.
andre benjamin is dressed like sammy davis jr. i really miss him.

c17 said...

Sorry - no. Andre 5000(2000)?'s look is over.

Next, please!

CT-Hilltopper said...

Would someone please tell me why any self-respecting woman would date John Mayer? Just wondering...

Glad to see one of the Olsen twins dressed for the event. I think the other one has birds circling around her hair looking for a place to land.

Becks looks delicious. Posh looks like glamorous, but the dress kind of bothers me a little. Throw some feathers around the fringe and Nathan Lane could have worn it in "The Bird Cage". You know what I mean?

Rhianna said...

Bee looks fantastic! How the hell she's related to the poofy fool above her I have no clue. I've heard of ice queens, but I didn't think they came in poofy varieties.

Beck looks good, not great but good. Posh looks more and more like her 'style' is that of a crappy robotic chick with no sense of taste.

Gisele looks terrible, and Tom looks greasy.

Naomi seems to be channeling Marilyn and looks fab. I love old Hollywood glamour.

Well, well, it's the hideous twins. One looks like a crack whore only 1 step up from Amy Winehouse. The other looks like her older, higher priced, slightly cleaner madam or mom who's also a prostitute. Neither look good.

Benjamin Andre always looks classic. No matter how off-the-wall his stuff is he's classic and cool at the same time. I only wish I had fashion sense like that!

mooshki said...

I really love the red-headed triplets - Kate Mara, Isla Fisher & Amy Adams.

I think that's the best I've ever seen Ashley look. Clothes that fit are the best!

RagDoll said...

Anna Wintour = the back of my clothes dryer. Just...no.

Amber said...

Zac Posen looks almost exactly like JJ Abrams in that picture.


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