Friday, May 09, 2008

Let's Count The Cruise Stories

Someone is whipping up the Tom Cruise PR team because there is just story after story about him this week. After Monday's Oprah where the world celebrated the 25th anniversary of a high school student having sex with a hooker, the stores just won't stop.

The only actual "news" story was the fact that Paramount didn't have any objection to Tom Cruise starring in MI4. The only interesting thing about that story is that it came out last week before the Oprah interview, but hardly anyone noticed. So, what to do? Someone went back to Paramount and asked the same question again, and then in the wave following Oprah got it printed everywhere.

The Met Costume Gala was legitimate, except for the apparent 4 inches of height Tom gained in one day.

Then, later this week, we had Tom Cruise backstage at Hairspray fawning over the cast and probably hoping they would let him get out there and sing some songs and dress like a woman. He and Katie dragged along Suri and claimed it was her favorite video. She's 2. Any video will be her favorite video.

Kelly Preston came out and said that Tom Cruise was a pro when it came to the sex scenes in Jerry Maguire. Really knew what he was doing. Makes it sound like he's a real ladies man. Now where do Kelly and Tom know each other? Oh yeah.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of a high school kid throwing a party at his parent's house, Tom started his very own website. I am too scared to actually go on the site for fear winding up on a CO$ website somewhere being bombarded with questions about my crimes.

Kind of hard to believe Tom never had a website before this week.
And then finally, today comes the topper. The Tom and Katie are trying to have another baby stories are coming out. These are the favorite of the Cruise publicity machine because it shows that Tom must be meeting Katie in her bedroom or having her come down to his and that he is trying his hardest to get her knocked up. Please.

So, with all this publicity for one man, you would think he had a movie coming out. Ummm. Nope. Book? Ummm. Nope. Record? God I hope not. Garage Sale? Ummm. Maybe.

That is the crazy thing about all this is there is nothing for him to promote except himself and trying to restore his reputation. I wonder if it's working. With me it isn't, but the rest of the world might be buying it.


jlb said...

Ent, you forgot Matt Lauer in kneepads magazine saying he has no hard feelings for Tom etc. That one just screamed PR to me.

ElsieFire said...

okay, let's say it again, this time with FEELING people:

Tom Cruise believes aliens inhabit his body.

If my Uncle Ed who lives in the basement told me this, those psychologists Tommy hates would be at our house with a pretty white coat. End of story.

jax said...

i'd love to go to a garage sale at the cruise's.

if you buy katie's old nose they throw in her personality for free.
and if you buy more than 3 pairs of Tommy's old heels they'll discount Nicle Kidman's soul by 25%.

Andrew Fine said...

WHY is the media playing along with TommyGirl? WHY? Do the Scientos have dirt on everyone in the media? The Oprah follow-up show where Oprah defends Tommy and that godawful asskissing show was even more nauseating. I went to her website and discussion board, and a lot of people were similarly disappointed in Oprah, and skeptical. They don't even have Oprah's devoted audience fooled!

Was watching "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" this morning on TMC. I wonder what Paul Newman has to say about Tommy now. They used to be close. I'm guessing they're not anymore.

SHE SHE said...

This whole thing is just so darn creepy and strange. Why are we supposed to be celebrating 25 years of Risky Business?! WTF! Give me break! Where was the Star Wars 25 years later Oprah show, huh? Those movies were huge!! Risky Business - Bull Sh!T. Oprah is so full of Sh!t. I'll never believe another word that woman says. Any credibility she had is GONE.

SHE SHE said...

Andrew Fine - You are my Hero Today!!! I agree 100%!!!

califblondy said...

I didn't see the Oprah's Risky Business show, but I did think she was pretty tough (well, tough for Oprah) on Tommy in the first interview. Tom looked like he'd rather be having a root canal than answering her questions and for that reason alone, it was fun to watch.

I used to believe Tom was a very good actor and I enjoyed his movies. Now, I can hardly stand to look at him. I think Britney stands a better chance at a comeback than Tom does now.

jax said...

it just goes to show how steeped in CO$ Hollywood and the rest are.
something is amiss..Sumnmer Redstone is now working with Tom again? wtf?? nothing has changed,the public still cant stand his ass. no one wants to see his movies except for him and his band of 'merry men'.

it's all such horseshit.

SHE SHE said...

Califblondy, did you not get a feeling at all during that 1st show that all those questions she asked were well rehearsed? It all seemed like one big farce and that we, the American public, were supposed to say, "Oh gee, now I understand Tom Cruise." She never went for the jugular at all. It seemed like it was so staged to me. Just my perception - doesn't mean I'm right & you're wrong. Interesting how two people see the same show yet see it so differently.

Marnie said...

Tom knows that putting her in a David Beckham wig and a strap-on doesn't make a baby, right?

Does this mean someone knocked her up at the scientology reprogramming camp?

weezy said...

The new issue of "Life & Style" has a Gettyimages shot of Tom & Katie on the steps of the Met Museum. As you've guessed, Tom (looking remarkably like Tyrone Power) is up a few steps from Katie, and a bit closer to the lens than she is -- so he looks taller and larger. He is holding his hand out to her (like God on the Sistine Chapel ceiling) and she is standing in her prom dress on the sidewalk, looking up at him adoringly, like a little girl.

Must have cost them a bundle.

BTW, I so think Katie's been in on this from the beginning; it's just Old Hollywood Style, and she's Mrs. Tyrone Power.

Anonymous said...

lainiekazan you know that Tyrone Power was gay LOL.

I really can't stand Gay Cruise not because he is gay because I don't like him at all. Never thought he was sexy or anything must more of a little vain person thinking he was above everybody else.

If you think to the old hollywood actors that were with too many women and are now coming out gay you can say the same thing about Cruise.

His popularity whatever he had once is gone. Doubt that MM whatever number it is will not make the money. I read somewhere that the one from last year barely made it.

Regarding Opa never thought she was a good reporter or whatever she is. Another one that thinks she is above all others. No wonder the rappers can't stand her since she is more for the white people than her own people. She should be equal to everybody. She is another Star Jones kiss ass big time.


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