Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Stalking Doesn't Get You Much Time

I don't know if mopery or stalking gets you more time behind bars, but neither one is going to set the world on fire for the length of time you have to serve for being convicted. Uma Thurman and her family have spent the past week in court and have lived with the effects of a stalker for about three years. Today in court, Uma's stalker Jack Jordan was convicted of fourth-degree stalking and second degree aggravated harassment. Jordan was found not guilty of two charges of aggravated harassment.

The stalking charges can carry up to 90 days in jail, while the aggravated harassment charges could send Jordan to jail for up to a year.

That sentence above is a could, not a must, and also doesn't take into account any good behavior or time served. The fact is that although I do joke about stalking, it can be extremely serious. The problem is that despite stalking laws, the police only take it seriously if someone is hurt or killed.

The police are far too busy even for a celebrity, to do much about a stalker except to go threaten the guy or lady and tell him they will be watching. If you are just an average person who doesn't have the name Uma or Orlando or Scarlett then the police might not even stop by your house or even give you a call. Then, when a person shows up dead the police are always shown to have not cared and they promise to do better and for about 12 hours they do. Then unfortunately it goes back to the way it was.

For Uma to spend this much time pursuing this case, this must have been serious. Unfortunately for her and her family, the guy will probably be out of jail, if he even goes, before Christmas.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

My superintendent actually let my stalker in the building. We lived in a secure building, where you have to 'buzz' folks in. She had previously posted a hand written note on the door not to let strangers in, yet, she let my stalker in.

Stalking is no laughing matter. It makes for a miserable existence, for both the stalker and the stalkee...

The moving expenses ALONE can wreak havoc on one's life.

Maja With a J said...

Kind of unrelated; I saw this closeup of Uma on PH, where her face has that slightly swollen look we all know and love. Not quite as severe as Lara Flynn Boyle a while back, but definitely on the same list of symptoms.

Anonymous said...

I thought their were stricter laws about stalking since that actress was killed by one.

Dick Insideu said...

Uma got big tits.
Most women who claim to have stalkers just want the attention.

CT-Hilltopper said...

I live near NYC and the news has been carrying a lot of this case.

The guy has a lot of issues, and he needs a lot of help. They can require that he get help as a part of his sentencing, and I hope that they do, because I can see that this could become another John Lennon/Rebecca Schaeffer situation.

If I were Uma Thurman, I would be hiring some extra security, pronto, regardless of what the courts do.


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