Monday, May 05, 2008

Peaches. How Could You?

Longtime readers of the blog will know that for some reason I have a fascination with Peaches Geldof. I don't know if it is because of her mom Paula Yates who overdosed on heroin or just the fact that I like her name and her sisters, Pear, and Strawberry. Whatever it is, when I heard that Peaches had been caught on tape buying $400 worth of drugs from Amy Winehouse's dealer, it really made me mad.
Seriously. Peaches has everything going for her. Yes, her mom died, but Bob has always been there for her. I guess I don't understand why she would turn to drugs? She couldn't have any real pressure issues she is dealing with and with her whole mom thing, you would think she would have a built in incentive not to do so. Peaches has always been indignant that she has never used drugs. When a photo of her using a coke inhaler showed up, she said it was a bad angle on a photograph of a cigarette. Well, obviously, she has some serious explaining to do now.

When police arrested the couple who had filmed Amy Winehouse smoking crack, they found the portion where they had sold to Peaches as well. Someone had tried to erase it, but had not managed to remove it completely. Sounds like someone may have paid some blackmail money, but that it didn't work out in the end.

Hopefully this is a huge wake up call from Peaches and she won't end up like Amy. Over the weekend, Mark Ronson gave up trying to record the James Bond theme with Amy because she can't even put two words together. Literally.


mooshki said...

I am so bummed that Amy won't be doing the Bond theme. Even Britney managed to fumble her way through "Blackout" at her low point. It seems so bizarre that we're all watching a slow-motion suicide, and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it.

captivagrl said...

"she couldn't have any real pressure issues she is dealing with".........she has some issues and who really knows what's going on in someone's mind/life.

Anonymous said...

DUH EL. She is doing drugs BECAUSE she has everything, and no problems. Lots of people do drugs simply because they're bored out of their minds!

Mother Campfire said...

Or because genetically they are prone to it. Death rarely make an impact in an addicts choice of whether to use or not. They think they're special.

bionic bunny! said...

i agree. genetic predisposition + boredom + money = big problems.

Anonymous said...

i use because i'm bored and i can afford it.

and it's fun.

(but before you jump on my back - i'm not doing anything like these rockstars)

Judi said...

These privileged kids need to go do some volunteer work in 3rd world countries. Get their focus OFF themselves.

Unknown said...

My dad is an alcoholic and my mother od's on prescriptive downers on a regular basis, ending up in the ER quite a few times a year.

I have never smoked anything in my life, nor am I an alcoholic.

You can't tell me that Peaches had no will power or tell me that she couldn't help it.

Mel said...

Thanks for this post EL. I had the exact same thoughts about Peaches when this story broke the other day. Peaches was old enough to remember Paula's addiction and death, I can't believe she would go near drugs. But I do think she has a very similar personality to her Mum, especially the charm... lets hope she doesn't meet the same end.


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