Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Your Turn

In the past, for the most part I only label blind items as blind items. There are no other labels I usually attach unless it is a long one or attributed to a certain source. With all the blinds though, I am going to try and label them by category like cheating or closeted or underage or child molester. Maybe even things like The Widow. So, if any or all of you are up to it, maybe you can help organize. Find a link or links and the category and post them here and I will go back in and label them.


Former CNN Anchor Candy Crowley said...

The bowling alley will be closed today, due to a strike.

sandybrook said...


Geeljire said...

The Church: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/03/blind-item-7_18.html?m=1


Geeljire said...

Category ideas: reply here
Closet Cases
CDAN Yacht Club

sandybrook said...


sandybrook said...

Oh shit this idiot and I are thinking alike😣

Brayson87 said...

Pimp Your Girlfriend

Guess the Beater

Geeljire said...

Maybe I'm not so bad after all

Brayson87 said...

Rapping in the Closet

Silly Polar Bear, Coke Isn't For Kids

Krab said...

Or hire a damn intern

DDonna Tarttty said...

Closet cases
Yacht Girls
Evil Executives
Deals in the Works

Krab said...

Or better yet for Reality TV, make a subgroup of Teen Moms so I have to pay precisely zero attention.

Maude Labowski said...

The House On St. Charles Street in NOLA

Sara, Making It Work said...

"Not This Asshole, Again" for blinds about repeat offenders

Krab said...

Posts Based on Daily Mail Photos
Scientifically Hilarious

Geeljire said...

Enty offers you the intern's pen to wield, do you dare accept?

Krab said...

Ones about the Kardashians: "Yes, These Assholes Again"

Brayson87 said...

Where in the World is Ginger Blohan?

DEN of Pervs

Chantal said...

Just cool it with so many tweener/former tweener posts. No one cares that much about Bieber/Selena/Demi. Not every damn day!

Roman Holiday said...
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sara88 said...

Anything on NBA players

Geeljire said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Krab said...

Then we need a special Stanley Kubrick, William Shatner, Steven Speilberg label.

Geeljire said...

We do care when it's directly connected to international human trafficking networks (slavery btw)

Sara said...

But what if it could multiple categories?

Normal. Yes indeed. said...

World ocean yacht club gets my vote

Brayson87 said...

Hollywood Hypocrites


Worst Parents Awards

Geeljire said...

One if by land and two if by yacht

Geeljire said...


Brayson87 said...

Aww Shucks Villains

Dunking Off The Court

Threesomes #metoo

Chicken or Fish?

Geeljire said...

Kim+Kris Klubhouse

Brayson87 said...


Places Not To Vacation

Money Troubles

Brayson87 said...

What Happened to Her Face?

Rehab Stat!

Cradle Robbing

Geeljire said...

Y'all some writers and not doers
If I wasn't limited by cell phone, the mirror of shaitan, I would spend tomorrow's snow day larping enty intern
Don't miss your shot! You want the labels to stick, pull some blinds for enty!

VDOVault said...

I hate to even suggest it but health / death issues probably needs to be a category :-(

Geeljire said...

Tiger Blood Memorial Hospital

NachoCheese said...

Kinks are for Kids

Diva Demands

Oh no he didn't

Rock Star Rascals

Thirsty Behavior


Cult Classics

T. W. said...

The Church

On Death's Door

The Confession

Surprise, They're Not Gay!

Gay For Pay


Justice Rendered

Foreign Born/Raised

Not Who You Think

Forgotten "Rumors"

T. W. said...

@Enty - I use my smartphone. Is it imperative I pull blinds for you? Is my list "obvious" enough so I don't have to pull blinds?

I forgot to add:

On The Juice

On The Sauce

Off Their Rocker

Too Good To Be True

Fall From Grace

Geeljire said...

@T.W.: Lead from the front!
Tiger Blood Memorial Hospital:

T. W. said...

@Geeljire - I will try my best but it will take some time. I'll be back in a few hours...

Brayson87 said...

@Geel and T.W., it's possible this is just an easy way to generate site hits, everyone pulling tons of blinds to categorize lol

durhay said...

These titles remind me of the old Unsolved Mysteries tv show.


Geeljire said...

It isn't possible.
It is.

T. W. said...

Guess The Pedo

The Rest of the Story

T. W. said...

The Rest Of The Story - Today's old Hollywood blind

Guess The Pedo - the blind about the girl who poisoned herself & died from the effects of it. Leslie Nielsen was the pedo.

Geeljire said...

We should revisit this one. Arkancide, The Church, Narnia, it has it all


T. W. said...

@Brayson87 - I had not thought of that. Where are the Enterns? Not everyone has time to search, we ain't getting paid for this.

On one hand, this is helpful. A few days ago Schneiderisnext linked several blinds about The Church.

AGC lists blinds by month & year but has no search function.

This site freezes on me when I use my laptop. I will do what I can but if I go by memory oh well.

Many of these categories are self-explanatory.

Madame_ovary said...

I wouldn't mind seeing labels for series of blinds that have to do with someone you've given nicknames to, like Bani, coke mom, etc.

T. W. said...

@Enty - please provide links to the original blinds when you do your reveals.

You might want to have a section for The Most Controversial Blinds

BestMan said...

If Geeljire is an idiot, then you're the asshole. Do you realize how you come across? Or is the mask of your superiority blinding you?

ginger falls said...

Please @ Brayson my real name is Ginger(more like SHARON Stone hair color in the movie casino) if it wouldn't be too much to ask will you call her Lindsey or the red-head/South Park has really tainted my name:(

Geeljire said...

CDAN tip: reveal items always have a link to the original item in the date.

Dusty Fairy said...

Omg this list is EPIC.

T. W. said...

@Geeljire - Thanks. I usually use my phone so I can see nested comments. The site looks & functions differently via laptop/desktop. The site freezes on me when I use a computer.

Makeupbylizz said...


PapayaSF said...

In my opinion the best tag name for that one category would be Yacht Club. It's funniest and is gender-inclusive.

Darwinite said...

Former Tweener/Future Porn Star
Blonde Item
Aliterate/Illiterate Rappers
Heart of Darknets
Waiting to Expire
Name That Yacht
Back to the Closet
Kool-Aid Korner

rosie riveter said...

In a place like this, where we are talking about pedo, childrapists and murderers- the lowest of degenerates, somehow I think Geeljire isn't that bad.

hothotheat said...


hothotheat said...

Or just "TRASH"

Heather said...

Definitely love the following:
Reality TV

Would love to see some sort of Enty dictionary too:
1. How people end up A list (what qualifies) whether current, former or rising
2. Church

Definitely links to the prior blinds & if this is too much, the number of correct guesses.

Weekittylass said...

I like the tiger. He doesn't curse at or insult people who have different opinions and points of view. Both of which show intellectual weakness or laziness. Unlike others here.

Geeljire said...

I do swear and insult. I do my best not to, but my patience is most tested by the deceitful here on CDAN.

Han Niam said...

I’m hoping there will be overlapping tags. Otherwise, this won’t work.

But it would be great having linked tags to refer back to.

Normal. Yes indeed. said...

Fuckin’ A

Han Niam said...

Yes, indeed he does at times, @weekittylass. Do you also like those of us of more left wing viewpoints who also avoid cursing and insulting people for opposing viewpoints? Do you remember which of us the above refers to?

Just asking for a friend.

Han Niam said...

Oh, and @enty? I hear there are people over on fiverr looking for work. You might want to hit up someone with blogging, archival, or library experience to avoid turning this into a huge mess.

Sourcing categories from the readers is good. Applying them without the help of someone who understands how to categorize and tag is asking for trouble.

FancyFel said...

Just don't be overly specific in category headings.
Then it looks like P0RN titles.
I like the suggestions that are broad, like what TW and Nacho Cheese suggested.

Lyla said...

It would help if there were titles or tags for each blind & not just numbers. That way we could search back later. And put real time stamps in the comments! They usually only show a time with no date

Guesser said...

What happened to just having a tag at the bottom? You used to do this ages ago. The broad and overlapping tabs would work best. And bring back some photos, if only weekly. While you are at it, an open forum,since the one thing worse than someone spamming the comments is ten people telling them not to.

Rufus T said...

Could yachting be The Poop Deck.

Geeljire said...


Normal. Yes indeed. said...

Don’t forget Section 508 compliance. This shit is so good blind people should be included

Normal. Yes indeed. said...

I love it. Today on the poop deck... EmRat spread like peanut butter for Pat Boon on the SS Gold Mine in the Sky

Allie Gator said...

Village Itch (sharing std's)

HoneyRyder said...

The Grim Reaper
Parent Of The Year
This Is Your Brain On Drugs
Off Their Meds
Cheating Ways
Entry- Can you also start an open forum called Clinton’s vs. Trump so commenters who are so inclined can take it to the parking lot and we can get back to the gossip at hand?

Allie Gator said...

Marine Matrons

Forest O said...

Not sure about themes, but I keep wondering about the mansion (amusement park?) area outside of LA and the child molesters. Was that Neverland, MJ and Spielberg? I can't remember the popular guesses.

ginger falls said...

@Forest I don't think it's been revealed but that was a popular guess and another one was Kenny Ortega & the High School Musical kids at Neverland Ranch

Geeljire said...

Steve Coogan and Nathaniel Rothschild should have their own category.
Oh they do

LucidDreams said...

Its disgusting you out HIV+ people

LeahBryar said...

Can you rework or redefine the rating. Too many A- and b's that should be c and d.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

“HANGERS-ON” or “HANGER-ON”? IDK what the correct term is in English.

Basically the term for people in a famous person’s “entourage” who ride on the famous person’s coat-tails, etc. for their own gain of get creepy “Single White Female” controlling and feed try A-Lister drugs and isolate him from his friends/coworkers, and only let him date mutual friends (so he can control him).

Stuff like: This A-List foreign-born triple-threat actor had a serious career secret girlfriend. His “friend” who reconnected with him only as an adult who thinks he’s part of the inner-circle, but isn’t really, had to find out through Celebitchy like the rest of the plebs... He wasn’t having it. Especially because the “friend” is a closet racist. Plus, the secret girlfriend said the “friend” gives her the creeps and never liked him from the start. So what does he do? he arranges for our actor to have a hook-up with someone who “British society would embrace with a hug” (code for: Caucasian). He invited them both to a party and made sure he was wasted enough that he couldn’t remember what happened at the reception. Two months later? The mutual friend claims she’s pregnant with his baby. After the wedding, he continues to supply drugs and isolate the actor from his coworkers and even a business partner (although he seems lenient with the latter because he has something to gain from the business partner). It’s interesting how certain pap-ops with the “friend” coincide with “his choice” of wife for the actor, and after a fan pointed out that he was not included in pap-ops with the business partner, he came to a Tumblr blog the fan frequents and slagged off a photographer who worked with the business partner’s father. He’s also noticed that some of the actor’s fans are catching up on his scheming and their conspiracy theories aren't so far-fetched. So what does he do? He approaches two of the most rabid fans and started feeding them with VERY far-fetched conspiracy theories (why? Because the best way to discredit them is by making them look nuts—the fans OTOH are eating this all up and guarding this “inside info” with conviction because it makes them feel important). He even provided those fans with phone numbers to track. Now with the NEW SET crazy rumours (crazy implausible shit like human trafficking), nobody trusts the fans with the original closer-to-the-truth conspiracy theories. Now the fandom is fractured because even the believers of the original conspiracies find the new ones hard to believe, and want no association with the conspiracy theorists. This “friend” is basically a male version of “The Widow”, except he’s treated like a saint who can do no wrong in the fandom whereas people see The Widow for who she is—nobody suspects when they see a string of anon asks bad-mouthing those close to the actor but advocate for the actor to only associate with the “friend”, they just assume it’s a loyalist fan of his. The “friend” is treated like a saint in the fandom, even when trolls go after those who dare criticise him, even sending them subtle death threats about how they’ll “make it look like an accident/suicide”, and if they’re not white the terror will include some racial slurs in the mix. All because the salty “friend” had to find out about or actor’s serious career secret girlfriend through Celebitchy just like everyone else and he can’t handle that he’s not as special as he thinks.

HAHA. Just kidding, you guys... I’M JUST MESSING WITH YOU ALL! This one belongs on AO3 along with the rest of my fanfic!

Scandi Sanskrit said...

There should be a category for “THE RACIST”.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Goddamn. That was a long-ass prank. Just read the first two lines/paragraphs (those were the only ones that I was serious about).

Sorry Enty. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Geeljire said...


Scandi Sanskrit said...

1. Hanger-Ons/Hangers-On (or “Inner-Circle”, “Entourage” whichever is catchier to you).
2. PR Obsessives (like people who hire troll farms to do their work—I really enjoyed that day Enty posted two of those in the same day, and certain commenters modified their behaviour—that was amusing AF).
3. “Readers” (for celebs you suspect read this blog)
4. “Goodie Two Shoes” (for the innocent “sweetheart” Faux Feminist fake animal lovers who actually treat others like shit when the cameras aren’t rolling). I <3 Pragmatists!

Scandi Sanskrit said...

@BestMan and @Rosie: I love you both, but I think people are forgetting Geeljire called Meghan Markel a racial slur: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/03/blind-item-6_2.html?m=1 (I don’t care what you guys think of her character—as even I can tell she’s flawed, but nobody deserves to be subject to racism).

He also seems to get extra extra excited about pedo blinds. It just feels off like he doesn’t “care”, the way he and Barstool talk about pedophelia read/sound more like fetishism to me.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Yes for outing Beaters.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

I have mixed feelings about HIV blind items myself. It’s privileged info and HIV isn’t really a death sentence anymore like it was in the ‘80s. Tons of accessible ARVs and affordable top (a vaccine should be available soon, last time I checked).

But I sort of forgive Enty when it’s in the lines of “this person isn’t informing his/her partners about the STD’s they carry” (because OTOH the partners DO have the right to know and in some jurisdictions it’s a crime to not inform your sex partners). Sometimes I see Enty’s posts as “warnings” to people.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

And by the way, LucidDream, I say that as someone who’s been badly hurt from being outed about MY medical conditions (medical discrimination isn’t just legal in the country I live in, it’s encouraged). Being outed means lost work opportunities. But at the same time my medical condition was not infectious. But if it were infectious, I’d tell everyone I slept with.

So yeah I have mixed feelings about it, but at the same time, if you have a condition, you should consider public health too. Just because I’m sick doesn’t mean I’m entitled to make others sick too “because life isn’t fair”.

ginger falls said...

also...@Forest if you ever catch JOHNDOE on here he is 'All Knowing' & I encourage everyone to follow him on Twitter.He has all the blinds organized and all.

ginger falls said...

Entry you do it how you like.Your a rock star to me in my world.It will be perfect no matter the order/sequence etc....

ginger falls said...


Schneiderisnext said...

Thank you @ Enty!

I've been trying to maintain a list of all of "The Church" blinds

These explicitly mention "the church" have I missed any?


If you want to understand the extent of what Enty is hinting @, READ ALL OF THE COMMENTS.







7. Blind Item #7

Uppercase: "The Church" = LDS

Lowercase: "the church" = Dream City Church/Dream Center

Schneiderisnext said...

Anyone have any to add?

Geeljire said...

You are really reaching Scandi but it's good to know you're keeping a file on my posts.

Geeljire said...

"Thank you for the kind words, Sandy. I haven't had anything extreme happen to me (KNOCK WOOD) because I tend to walk out on productions whenever things go sour (I walked out on what would've been my first feature film because the AD molested me, left a music video/short film where the writer kept rubbing himself against me, walked out of an acting class where the teacher was GROSS—and have posted online candid photos of him trying to grind me since). Because of this, I have pretty much the same amount of credits as I have sexual harassment experiences.

Not all of them are bad, though! There are good apples: At the last play I was in, all the men treated me with respect. None of the men molested/harassed me. Life does get better! πŸ—½πŸ‘©πŸ»πŸš•πŸ‚πŸ’›

Take care, Sandy..."

I suppose Scandi only cares about victims when it's her or there's an astroturf hashtag involved she's in. Interesting. At least I know who's keeping the lights on now!

I caution against further smears.

Geeljire said...

A mulatto?
An albino?
A mosquito?
My libido?

Schneiderisnext said...


"Mulatto". "Quadroon".

Feel free to reject anything I've ever said because I repeated those slurs. @Scandi. I have no interest in the triggered.

Or. Don't shut down your brain/reject a premise because words offend you. It's fine to call somebody out, but its such a shit argument when it HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BLIND.

And even if Geeljire is "Racist" A broken clock is right twice a day.

Here's a question @Scandi

What's worse, a racist with a fetish for outing pedophiles or a pedophile raping babies?

I don't care what a person's intentions are. I don't want children RAPED.

I'd rather associate with a racist over a pedophile.

Do you prefer pedophiles or racists? @scandi?

Don't say I'm forcing you to choose. You are the one criticizing a "racist" for attacking alleged pedophiles

Geeljire said...

"A mulatto?
An albino?
A mosquito?
My libido?
Night, Scheinderisnext :)

Irish Dre said...

I read most of the blinds - most i dont get but its fun playing the did they or didnt they game, i dont read blinds labeled athletes as its mostly usa sport or stars and as my name suggests im not in the states so i just bypass them but the title helps, Any body read crime library i like how they labeled there content. that was a great read site.

totaji said...

Idk I would not put anything salacious in titles. Even using words like Pedo. The main thing here is that Reality Star is an oxymoron. They are trash people who only made it big because someone wants a camera on the trash. So it’s no superise that they act like trash. A little heads up about those so we don’t have waste our time would be nice. Same with low grade “pop stars.” Gene Simmons killing women on tour is interesting, Chris Cornell’s involvement with Geffen is as well. Some chick named Kesha or whatever ODing for the 321st time is meh.

Orville said...

You definitely need a GAY blind category.


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