Saturday, March 24, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

March 16, 2018

Why yes, that was this more than two named A- list actor/host all of you know from multiple hit television shows and even a movie franchise cuddling up to a person at a dinner that was most definitely not his significant other.

Neil Patrick Harris


Anonymous said...

Goddammit Doogie.

Eric said...

There have been enough of these for long enough that it's pretty clear they have an open marriage.

Unknown said...

100% of gay dudes cheat on their spouses It's accepted among homos that this will happen. Neil's husband's ass was getting a bit droopy, too much hair in the ass crack etc. Tossing his salad wasn't doing it for Neil any more. Young, hairless Twink comes along and of course he's gonna want to park his train in that tunnel. Let's not be judgmental, homos are gonna homo.

Sara said...


B626 said...

So who’s the Biological parent in this mess?

Gorgon Quarmazik said...

Vess, stop your cave talk, please. Read my new novel, Ivy vs. Dogg and get some perspective.

IanPhlegming said...

I don't like or trust NPH anymore, since that time he was so mean to the kids in public.

jessorella said...

@BrianLeung Best not to engage 🚫

plot said...

NPH was never into the family thing like David is. As long as he had a regular TV show with long hours, NPH could stomach it. Now he has a lot of empty time on his hands that he doesn't want to spend with the kids and David.

This behavior isn't exactly limited to gay men.

AkhaldanSolo said...

Shame shame, and here I though NPH was the poster boy and pariah of the homosexual community on responsibility and moral obligation as an example for the rest of society. I guess that Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker smokescreen is thrown out the door.

Naw, really, we all know Hollywood is the LAST place anyone should be looking for role models. Well, at least WE know that. And see, THAT is the big deal why I believe Enty and others casually 'out' these people not because they are gay, it is because they have used it as a smokescreen to achieve, in Hollywood, a number of goals. One, obviously, as in the case with the country/pop music industry the revelation that Tay Tay is gay would send a ripple effect through the industry, via the Bible belt of the country, of profits and sales that would either dry up or shift dramatically. There are a number of reasons why many homosexuals hide within the industry but the most disturbing angle seems to be that many that claim they are homosexual are also hiding proclivities that only money can buy. Others, like NPH above, parade and model their homosexuality as a lifestyle choice that is not fraught with any difficulty and as a role model for monogamous loving homosexual FAMILY men, when it's OBVIOUS NPH, in all of his ritalin laced adhd antics, still suffers from some sort of dysfunction, most likely related to his LONG STANDING hollywood career.

So the next time one of you folks wants to bitch about Crazy Days and Nights and it's 'problem' with homosexuals please try and remember context and reasoning instead of automatically associating it to right leaning agendas and that always ubiquitous attack on 'liberal' ideology.

There are many demographics of 'homosexual' and not all of them are benevolent and nice. Roy Cohn, who worked with McCarthy during the red scare of the 50's, part of Permindex and the JFK assassination, and who used room 233 of the Plaza hotel to blackmail politicians with child sexual extortion, mentor of Donald Trump, was the type of homosexual that considered himself a sodomite, not gay. He said gays were effeminate and disgusting and used to entrap them like the crossdressing FBI director J.Edgar Hoover. It is rumored that others, like the mogul mentioned so often in these blinds, David Geffen, insists his homosexual luminaries remain in the closet and in public with beard, fronting for society like it was some kind of Roman play. These are the hypocrisies which we seek to reverse, not the fact that someone is merely gay.

Anonymous said...

My only gay regret.. wish he was straight

More Cowbell said...

Are he and his live-in boyfriend married? In a common-law marriage? If so NPH's significant other should leave and try to get a good payout. Cheating is very hurtful to the other party. No one deserves that.

Unknown said...

+100. It's always surprising to find monogamous gay men

plot said...

It's surprising to find monogamous anyone, though I've know quite a few gay and straight people who accomplish it...not that it's a badge of honor or just seems to be what they want.

Orville said...

It is not cheating and the homophobia in this thread is pathetic. Gay couples are more Honest about sex that heterosexuals. Also since gay men are men we do not need women. Women are a barrier for straight men to have as much sex as they would like. Men gay or straight know the difference between love and sex. Something women do not understand. Gay couples according to researchers say our relationships more equal than heterosexuals.

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