Saturday, March 24, 2018

Blind Item #8

With no go between now, this foreign born former A+ list boy bander is having to meet with his dealer personally. Hey, at least it gets him outdoors in the daylight.


RealRescuesDon'tDoThis said...


BingoBanjo said...


andrea said...

Zayn looks like a skinny vampire nowadays.

This and That said...

Zayn looks absolutely horrendous nowadays. He used to be a beautiful young man. The new tattoos he got are no help.

sammolicious13 said...

that sucks if it's him. :( there was a blind a little bit ago about a couple breaking up because one wanted to be sober and one did not. Zayn & Gigi were the guesses. I was hoping it was Zayn wanting to keep his sobriety. addiction can be a living hell. :( I like the guy - I really hope he can find the strength to get his sobriety back, I'm rooting for him.

Unknown said...

This is ridiculous. Enty how about you say you hate the guy and are racist and move on.
So far most of the blinds that you have written have still not been proven to be true.

First you were saying that he was funding a terrorist group. Then when him and gigi started dating you were saying her best friend Taylor Swift could not stand the guy and did not want him near her because of the drugs. Imagine my surprise when a couple of months later we saw Gigi, Zayn & Taylor go out for dinner. Imagine even more the surprise I had when Zayn & Taylor Swift made a song and video together where you see them enjoying each other's company....

When that didn't stick, you went with his drug dealer is always with him/part of his team....And just to show how your racial bias works, that was when Zayn was seen with a tall black guy with dreads that is always with him who happens to be part of his styling team and is still working with him...

So why does Zayn now have to go out in broad daylight to score drugs when his alleged dealer was or is still with him? Why does he have to get his drugs in person instead of sending someone else? Why also in broad daylight vs nighttime where it would be more discrete....I mean that is the standard when it comes to hollywood either have the dealer come to your home or have someone else go get it for you.

Are you that bothered that a Muslim half British Half Pakistani guy is succeeding and not taking part in industry parties and is a loaner??? Therefore you have to invent shit....

Zayn has never hidden the fact that he smokes weed just like many celebrities do. So I don't get your visceral hate for either him or his now ex girlfriend Gigi who you claimed two weeks ago was daily coming in and out of her apartment to go to the atm machine to get money to pay for drugs.

Then when the break up was announced, surprise surprise you say oh one of them is ready to get sober only to later on say nope she still a mess looking for drugs.. Meanwhile reality shows that Gigi was out there shooting campaigns for Maybelline or shopping for food with her friends or attending hockey games....

Zayn is currently in Miami filming his music videos for his 2nd album and that is why you are seeing him out in Miami. The paps are stationed in front of his rental filming his backyard and catch him when he is smoking or chilling by the pool.

His mom & sister were there with him so has his manager and all his team....Yes his tattoos are ugly but that's his body and therefore his choice. However that doesn't mean drug addict on the brink of death.

As for the people saying he is skinny.. Guess what he has always been skinny. If you took the time to google things and think for yourselves instead of believing someone blindly then you would see that his frame has always been like this....

Adrian Zmed said...

@ Anna P

Enty has always been an equal opportunity purveyor of BIs. He has accused/trashed/lauded people of all faiths, races and ethnicities. You are assuming way too much here.

Wild, unsubstantiated accusations of racism are a cancer on all our discourse. Cut the crap and move on. Defend Zayn, but don't accuse Enty of racism without real, specific, credible evidence, of which you have none.

artensoll said...


Unknown said...

@adrian Zmed Enty has written a lot of stuff about anyone but some of the thing he has written about Zayn especially about him funding a terrorist group stems from racial bias.

Like come on.. Say what you want but that has been the go to when it came to Muslim Arab or south Asian celebrities. The blinds about them always revolve on some sort of radicalization that they are pushing and crap like that.

Yes Enty is an equal opportunities when it comes to writing blinds or his tea. However the vitriol that he has for one vs others is quite interesting to read when you have followed him for a while.

There was one female celebrity that he would continuously write nasty things about acting like he was in the know up until he supposedly met her and boom magically the celeb was no longer attacked.

Adrian Zmed said...

@ Anna P

Enty is human and meeting people will inevitably impact his views/blinds. The issue is whether his blinds are in any way racist. I see and have seen no evidence of this. And I don't think one can conclude a racist overtone from his Zayn Malik blind items.

I suppose Enty could write only blinds about white males 18-45 with no known religious or political views. Plenty of those in entertainment. But perhaps we can celebrate instead the diversity we now have in blinds.

Ursa Major said...


Unknown said...

@adrian zmed

So please explain the premise of Enty going with Zayn Malik is funding extremists religious groups??? Explain..

Or also explain how come so far his blind surrounding him have been based on stereotypes.

I already gave you the examples about the blinds he wrote about him and Taylor Swift not being true.

Or the blind saying that his drug dealer travels with him after pap pictures came out of him with a guy part of his styling team who happens to be black. You are gonna say it’s a coincidence..

So Enty just dislike his guts for the sake of it??

He can make blinds about anyone. Black, white, Hispanic, men, women, transgender, gay , straight or which ever.

But when you use stereotypes to write blinds that is not cool or “facts”

sandybrook said...

Anna Enty isn't a racist. Stop reaching.

Rosie riveter said...

Ok... Is NO ONE else gonna mention what a crack head he looks like?
Just me?
...blah. Okay..
Welp, he looks like a crack head no matter what his race. Although I do believe it's HerOin, by the looks of it.

Enty isn't racist. He simply sees what others see and is outside of that particular age group who shout "Racist" at every (non)opportunity

Unknown said...

Right.... Because ugly tattoos or heavyli inked people who are skinny (which has always been his case and not some sort of sudden dramatic weight loss) automatically equates to being a crack head.

No wonder it’s so easy to fool most of you..

Keep on believing the bullshit.. If you cannot see that there is a bias that’s fine to each their own but reality shows that most of his so called facts about him have been wrong..

Rosie riveter said...

How much of the world and different people have you seen, Anna? I mean lived it, known it, experienced it?
Have you been involved with different types of people and been exposed to different socioeconomic levels? rich and poor, young and old, healthy and sick? I m truly curious when someone writes like you do, what their life experience is?
Not race, not culture, nothing of the sort.
What is your life experience? I'm interested to know, what is your experience and exposure to drug abuse and addicts?
Anything other than race and culture, (of which you do seem passionate about)
It's a sincere question. I'd truly like to know-

Unknown said...

What does anna's knowledge of the world have to do with it? She's making a point about basic logic. Because junkies are skinny that does not mean all skinny people are junkies. Is the distinction so hard to understand?

CrazyBitch said...

Are you 15? Good grief! Look at the pics online he's obviously using something which is what this blind is about. Take a step down from President of his fan club and realize he looks like shit! Has nothing to do with ethnicity/race.

LeahBryar said...

+100 Anna P.
Half are the blinds are laughable and stereotypical.
I am glad you commented on Zayn as by his own words he has always been a loner, a bit of a stay at home, thin and this doesn't go hand in hand with heroin.
I still laugh at Enty calling Tomlinson fully heterosexual.
I read these with a grain of salt knowing I am not interested in half and of the remaining only 1 or 2 will be revealed because of the bs. Or I just read Daily Mail for the story the blind is based on.
Love the site but it is what it is.

Unknown said...

@ Crazy bitch.. So you are gonna tell me pap pictures taken from far away outside of his rental is proof that he is onto something?? Please explain.

Have you actually noticed that the guy has always been skinny even in his 1D days... I bet you have never googled. Do you expect him to smile and be happy to see paps stationed close to where he is staying and invading his privacy? You do realize that his 2+ year relationship ended...

I unlike others don’t go believing blindly or judge a book by its cover.

The guy opened up about what he had been dealing with which includes an eating disorder towards the last few months before he left the band and then he opened up about his anxiety. Yet that is too far fetched to believe compared to a guy that Enty for the past 2 years or more has kept on saying is on the brink of death due to hardcore drugs..

Rosie riveter said...

Oh I see what you're saying, okay.

Just because junkies are skinny does not mean all skinny people are junkies.

But what about if they're skinny and pale and strung out and do her0in- would he be a junkie then?

Unknown said...

@rosie riveter I have lived so far a good life. I’m in my mid twenties and have travelled all parts of the world and encountered different kinds of people from all walks of life and backgrounds including addicts.

Some were obvious addicts where yes their physical attributes could give you a clue of what was going on. On the other side, I have also had acquaintances end up in rehab without any of us knowing that they were suffering from a drug addiction because from the outside they looked perfectly healthy and functional.

That’s why those blinds about Zayn make me cringe because clearly people are basing their blinds just on physical attributes mainly because he is thin and is littered with tattoos. Not only that because clearly the guy is a “loaner” or not playing the celebrity game where he is partying day & night or at all the hot spots. The guy was up until recently living on a farm.

The number of people that I know that have multitude of tattoos and yet during their day to day life are professional such as lawyers or pharmacist is quite funny.

Just out of curiosity did you ever google him or read his interviews? Do you know anything about his background or do you base you knowledge on what tabloids and blinds post about him?

Did you know that when the Sony leak happened a few year ago, the documents about how the 1D boys would be marketed also leaked. In it Zayn’s role in the band was to be the “bad boy” “the dark horse” “a player” “a poser” “mysterious”. Those were the key words used in their marketing pitch to market the only poc in the band.

Meanwhile the people that have met him from random people to fans to interviewer or people that he has worked with have only good things to say about him. That he is down to earth, polite, friendly but also at the same time shy. Which is something that himself has said. He is not an outgoing person in terms of big groups of people but with his close friends and family he can be loud and fun. He is a huge lover of comic books as well as enjoys cooking and gardening. You would never know that just by looking at him or just reading blinds & tabloids like the DM.

If you take the time to google, you will see that Zayn has not hidden the fact that he smokes weed or cigarettes. It’s a known thing. They even talk about it in his interviews. Many celebrities smoke both of those things. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he tried other stuff like many celebrities out there. My issue is that for the past 3 years Enty or his source has been going hard with Zayn is on the brink of death and is a hardcore drug user. He even had a blind saying that he was shooting up heroin and that he was lucky that for the 2016 Met Gala he was wearing a “blazer” or else we would see the track marks and yet we have seen many times Zayn’s bare arms and guess what no track marks whatsoever. Then it was Gigi dumped him because of the drugs (again that was back in 2016) when there were articles about them breaking up only for Gigi herself to say they had never broken up and she never even acted that they had broken up either. Following that like I mentioned the saga with Taylor Swift was also proven to be wrong because not only did we see all 3 of them hangout together but Zayn & Taylor did IDWLF.

hunter said...

I'm with Rosie.

Anna you sound quite young or unexposed to the harsher realities of life. I've known many addicts in and out of recovery and Zayne has had tortured eyes and addict face for YEARS. How about the interview where 1D all had to cover for him not being able to make it? It's very devoted fan of you to try to defend him but to the seasoned adults in the room his issue is quite clear - it's in his eyes, not his skinniness.

Unknown said...

Then yes if they have the symptoms of a junkie like track marks, weight loss (or weight gain because some heroin users actually do get very bloated especially if they mix it with other things), paleness (although that is not always a sure sign), look sickly, a change in behaviour then yes questions would be raised.

But a guy that has always been skinny and likes questionable tattoos who is actually tan at the moment because of spending time in a sunny place is not a sure sign to go with addiction.

Unknown said...

@hunter he explained what he had which was an eating disorder. He talked about it in his book after he left the band. He could have easily just not said anything and let things go.

As for what you called “tortured eyes” do you expect him to be happy and smiling all the time when paps are in his face or when he was suffering from anxiety? Do you expect him to look joyful when so called fans of his go to his shows with posters calling him a terrorist or being hurled insults??

It’s quite funny because Liam one of his band mates admitted to have had a dark period in his life where he was drinking a lot and was close to being an addict.

On the same end, it’s also funny that during that same period that Zayn was “allegedly” a drug addict, his bandmate Louis Tomlinson also lost a lot of weight. He also smokes cigarettes and weed. Was caught a second time in a weed scandal, was seen leaving clubs drunk and being rowdy, looking pale. He also missed an important award show in France during that period and yet nothing about him being a drug addict on a downward spiral...

You say it’s in his eyes.. Ok then watch his interviews or read what the interviewers that have met him have to say about him and then compare that to “pap” pictures...

Unknown said...

@LeahBryar yep reading the stuff on here clearly has to be taken with a grain of salt.. Everyone on here is now an expert on diagnosing and spotting drug addicts or they are in the know..

hunter said...

I don't need to argue the point since It Is Known.

but I will anyway and say HE IS NOT TAN EVEN A LITTLE

so there.

MissDe said...

Just because someone is doing their job doesn't mean they can't be using drugs or drinking in excess etc. Lol the human body is tough as hell it can take a beating and bounce right back and it can take decades before it starts to show breakdown. You may see celebs in a lot of glossy pics and on tv after spending hours of being fluffed and buffed. That doesn't mean shit. Look at sheen for example. That guy was a raving addict maniac since the early 80s. Maybe even before that. He really didn't start looking terrible until his last breakdown with the goddesses and tigers blood. People who use drugs function perfectly fine in daily life. It will be awhile before the toll becomes evident and that is if they should even continue

Unknown said...

@Anna P maybe you should just stop reading the blinds.Morgan Freeman made a comment 1 time saying "Do you know why racism still exist?BECAUSE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT"....

More Cowbell said...

Fire the drug dealer! Let him come to you. :)

Dexamyl said...

Someone needs to explain to Anna that Islam is a religion, not a race.

And being a Muslim drug addict doesn't give him a free pass on a gossip board.

Rosie riveter said...

I think I'm looking at different pictures than the girls in the zayn fanclub here (That's cool youre so loyal- everyone should be so lucky to have unconditional love in their life) but from my experience and from what I see, he looks pretty bad. It's the pictures probably from the daily mail, he's wearing black sweatpants I think?- like Hunter said, it's in his eyes, they are hollow.
Anyway, I've no dog in this race, and quite disappointed in myself that I've even spent this much time thinking about a boy that I've never even spent 2 seconds on. Oh well.
I think my original point was: it's not racism and I wish people would stfu and get out of here w that

Michael said...

I think Anna night be Zayn.

Now! said...

So many people have tried to help Zayn, from his parents to his bandmates (particularly Louis and Liam) to his manager Sarah Stennett to the Hadid family. It’s not working, and he looks awful.

Unknown said...

Anna: please get a life you poor poor thing. You sound absolutely deranged being this invested in a has been junkie. Almost as deranged as plot with George Clooney.
And as someone said above: Islam isn't a race. There are black, white, ginger and asian muslims.
Oh if only all people where as tolerant and non racist as those cuddly muslims, hm? ;)

Craig said...

All I can add to this crazy conversation is that my dealer comes to my house. We have a beer and make a visit out of it.
I can't add anything else because I'm not a deranged fangirl who thinks they know everything about their obsession and can't be told otherwise. I doubt I'd know who Zayn is if you showed me ten pictures. But if he's a crackhead then that's a shame. You can lead a perfectly functional and happy life on all manner of drugs. You just need to stay well away from the pipe and the needle.

longtimereader said...

Anna p - zayn is a closeted junkie who made a fortune off a manufactured boyband and is now happily smoking his was though it. All the hadid/swift meetings were for p.r. to sell records or increase brand recognition, gigi got more famous thanks to 1d fans and makes more money because of it.

alphacranberry said...

@longtimereader - well said.

MeridiaN said...

As a former heroin addict, I can safely say that most of the alibis anna p is thinking up for him are lies that I've told myself when confronted about looking bad. Just because he's doing heroin doesn't mean he's a bad person. When people buy into his lies and act as if nothing's wrong, he'll just keep digging himself deeper into addiction hell because he'll think he's successfully tricking everyone.

People don't hit bottom, they just decide to stop digging. Hopefully he can find a way to get clean. Heroin addiction is a living hell and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

RockSword said...

I do think that many of these blinds are assumptions. They are assumptions similar to what the mediums use when speaking to your dead relatives, although they are probably more easily gleaned and more probable. These assumptions are based on knowledge, and they may or may not be correct.

Many blinds could be general...not really about one certain person. However, just as in the case of the prophesies of Nostradamus, when something fits, apply it to the quatrain.

Many blinds are about recent news, and then you see all the people wondering why it was a blind.

And some may be just fiction. Although fiction is many times mirrored in real life.

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