Saturday, March 24, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #1

March 16, 2018

Speaking of porn stars, which I have been doing a lot of the past week or so to try and figure out if any of the five recent deaths are connected, we have the answer to one of the deaths in #9. The answer to a second porn star death is that one of the doctors prescribing her pills was also sleeping with her and very jealous. When she went away to rehab and got clean, she had no use for him and met someone in rehab she was falling in love with. When she got out of rehab, he showed up at her door the first day with a bottle of pills and some wine. He also had a big stack of cash. She had not been able to work for some time and needed the money. He said he would give it to her if he she had some wine with him. She agreed and then she mixed some pills with it. He stayed with her for three days. He finally had to leave to go to work and she escaped to rehab. Apparently she took the bottle of pills with her and one night took them all and died.

Olivia Lua


Ernie McCracken said...

Not a very reputable (or smart) rehab facility where they don't check clients for contraband.

Unknown said...

Yeah a spate of ODing porn actresses

Porn is a tough business and keeping the talent high and happy keeps the wheels rolling. Coke's no good as it makes them too jumpy and hyperactive, it's usually oxy and zanax,to keep em nice and relaxed while they're DP by a coupe of dudes with foot long dicks. No great mystery it's just what it is.

Sd Auntie said...

Whoever that Doctor is should be disbarred and sued. Really feel sorry for the ladies and gay men who have taken their lives.

KaiserWilhelm'sGhost said...

I feel more sorry for the porn star who took her own life after being bullied by liberals, SJWs, and feminists for not wanting to fuck a gay guy. I guess, "My body, my choice" doesn't mean shit if it doesn't fit the liberal narrative.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

+1000! Its "my body my choice" all day long, until you try and apply that to anything else but choosing an abortion. Poor girl should never had been made to feel bad about wanting to protect herself. This is so wrong


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