Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Details Magazine Implies The Bachelor May Be Gay

I'm not a big fan of The Bachelor. I don't think I've ever watched more than five minutes, but it would definitely be an interesting twist if The Bachelor were gay. I do know there were tons of rumors about Alex Michel being gay after he was rejected from Survivor for being too effeminate. The new bachelor, Andy Baldwin has said that he found an amazing woman on the show and that he's totally in love. They all say that though. Only three couples actually are still together from the Bachelor/Bachelorette series so you never know.

1) HIGHLIGHTED HAIR: A little trim is never enough.
2) BOYISH FACE: The camera hates a beard.
3) LONG-STEMMED ROSE: Sometimes, getting pricked is a pleasure.
4) DARK SUIT: The second he steps out of the closet, it's all business.
5) MANICURED HANDS: To hide any nail-biting over whom he prefers.
6) RING: By slipping this on, you agree to work through the hard times to come.
7) BUFFED SHOES: He learned the spit shine in the Navy.


Anonymous said...

3?? I can only think of 2 (and Krista is the only one married with a child!)

Almost all of the guys have been in a hurry to ditch the girl the moment after the "final reveal" when they can give up the charade of being together!!

Then again I've been so put off by the whole thing that I'd rather watch Animal Planet!

Anonymous said...

I meant Trista -- sorry for typo

Amber said...

The way he's standing does make him look gay.

Anonymous said...

lmfao @ long-stemmed rose....

Anonymous said...

The way he's standing does make him look gay.

There's a 'gay' way of standing?

No wonder so many gay actors have you guys fooled.

Anonymous said...

I fucking hate Details and all their mildly homophobic hit jobs, but the rumors have been sparked for awhile now.

Didn't Widdicombe's Gatecrasher column do a messenger about the new Bachelor?

Anonymous said...

Anon @12:49 - someone also did a blind item about a new character on a reality series preferring to get roses from men

Anonymous said...

The minute I saw the guy on promos I thought, "The guy is either gay or a player/pig."

Most military officer are married.

Anonymous said...

Should the title not be "Details Magazine implies Details Magazine is gay"?

Is this some kind of in-joke with the staff? Does this mean Details Magazine will out itself soon? Or will it continue to be just an "upscale and irreverent fashion magazine for affluent men in their late 20s and 30s".

Recent covers of Details: David Beckham trying to look dreamy. Justin Timberlake trying look Dreamy. Patrick Dempsey looking McDreamy..

Anonymous said...

Who are the three couples still together?

Trista & Ryan?
That Mary chick who was rejected by Bob & the other Bachelor?

WHo is #3?


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