Friday, April 06, 2007

Morning Links and ZX Post Later Today

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber are going to get married before their baby is born. They say they can't have a big wedding because four months isn't enough time to plan something. Huh? If you've got the money someone else has the time to do it. Why did I just think of Fatherhood right now?

I know. I know. Anyway, LC says there isn't a sex tape. Looks like that Cuban queen messed up big.

"Hi. I'm Paris Hilton. I've slept with every guy in Hollywood and use Valtrex daily. The whole world has seen me naked and watched me get f**ked. I've told the world how much it costs for me to take it up the butt. So, when I meet a fan who actually likes me, I love to call them a whore. It's even nicer when caught on video."

Jennifer Lopez could never be a size zero. No, but her husband is so we wouldn't want to skeletons.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Entertainment Lawyer isn't in love with Perez "fat Boy" Hilton, the "cuban queen," no mo.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Paris
*Suddenly reminded of the Stupid Spoilt Whore episode of South Park about Paris*
Like the pot calling the kettle black.

Anonymous said...

...and some of us cubans hang our heads in shame when it comes to him.


Anonymous said...

Still looking to get this site noticed by Perez? Flattery, links and now this. Sad.

Anonymous said...

^ I honestly think EL gives exactly 3 craps about Perez. If that.

Stop the hatin'.


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