Monday, April 02, 2007

Kids' Choice Awards

Hilary gets the Damn! Damn! Damn! award. I love her legs. I didn't even know she had them. Of course the commotion behind her with the assistant/publicist/drag queen and the PA kind of ruins it.

Wow. So even though I'm bald I still have a chance with Jessica Alba. Of course I would have to lose 50 pounds, go to the gym, and probably take care of this raging case of herpes. BUT still, a man can dream.

I'm guessing she ain't pregnant.

I think if you right click, it says it all.

I know everyone thinks she's got a big forehead, but I just find something sexy about Rhianna.

Nothing to say. I just like the Run family. Not necessarily the in laws mind you, but this part of the family, I like very much.

Thank you for going back to the straight hair Nia. I love the cleavage but wonder how many kids went bug eyed.

Unless I want a good ass kicking from Ali, I never say anything bad about Hayden.

Wow, a Spears child looking young, fresh, and innocent. Take a picture. Oh good someone did.

You know she can always change clothes before going on stage. I really think Ms. Irwin only owns the one outfit.

I think it's sweet when grandpa and the grand kids dress the same. It makes them easier to find for their medication. "What, that's his wife?" She's just counting the days people. Do you think he even has a clue who Ed Hardy is? He's clutching at her side like Michael Jackson and a Japanese fan's hair. You know if he falls, she ain't going to help him get up. Do you think she eats dinner at 4pm with him every day?

I'm not even going to look to see if there are more Fanning children hiding somewhere. It's kind of like when you saw Caulkin kids everywhere. It really kind of freaks me out.

Emma Roberts. Thank your lucky stars everyday that you don't look like your dad. I just got a vision of Star 80 in my head.


Stacy said...

Chris Evans is looking real good. He and Jessica make a really cute couple, he might even be good for her if he could get her to smile one in awhile.

Anonymous said...

oh gosh
little mini Britney and little mini me Julia Roberts clones

Anonymous said...

Wait, did Jessica Alba and Cash Warren split up?

Jamie Lynn looks good.

I like the Run family, too.

Stacy said...

No, Jessica is still with Cash, she's posing with Chris because their next Fantastic Four movie is coming out this summer. said...

Hillary was going for her "feet turned inward" pose, as usual

Anonymous said...

Nothing happens when I right-click Gwen - what does it say?

Anonymous said...

You have to right click and then click "save picture as" for the description to pop up.

Anonymous said...

I think Emma does look like the Roberts side of the family. Her dad was decent looking when he was younger. She's adorable and has that big-mouthed, Aunt Julia smile.

Anonymous said...

Will someone please feed Nicole Kidman????? She's thinner than the Fanning's!!!!!!!!!!

Is she ever w/her children anymore? Kind of odd. Makes you realize that her marriage with Tom & adoption of the children was all part of his contract. What mother would leave her children to be raised by their Scientologist dad in LA when she lives in Nashville?

Anonymous said...

I love Rev Run and his family. He seems like a really down-to-earth kinda guy.

12:37 - Nicole Kidman was with her kids at the event.

Anonymous said...

Ent I love ya and all that but lay off of Terri Irwin ok. Just leave her alone and don't be bitchy about her. She is an amazing lady to go through what she has and has been so brave speaking publicly about it.
Come on over and go to Australia Zoo one day and you will see how wonderful that family is.

Anonymous said...

When in God's name is someone going to get a clue that Nicole Kidman is ana???

That's the friggin reason girl can't get knocked period!

Anonymous said...

Nic looks awful! 'Knock kneed.' Jamie looks great. Emma, too.
No snarks toward the Irwins, plz. We'd defend your family if something happened to you, too.

Anonymous said...

That Larry King comment is solid gold ent. She did an interview on Howard Stern show a while back that was super funny.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, gwen steffani looks marilynish - classic!



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