Monday, April 02, 2007

Fake Relationship Photos and Shrinkage (He Hopes That's The Reason)

Scrolling down beneath the photos of this fake relationship between DJ AM and Jessica Stam you will find some photos of Sean Stewart streaking. There is one butt shot and a full frontal shot, but you can't see anything. Judge for yourself if you think that is SFW or NSFW. I know Sean Stewart isn't that big of a deal, but I would post similar photos of Kimberly Stewart so, equal time baby.

"Here some the paps. Come on. All relationships have the guy giving his lady a piggyback ride.

We get it Adam. A woman is actually touching you.
Adam's boobs are bigger than hers.

Time for the fake kiss. Looks like lips. Will he get some lips?

Nope. Goes for the MJ hair tug instead. Hey Adam how come she wasn't at your birthday party in Vegas this weekend?

Thanks to flynet for all the photos.

"Look. I swear it was shrinkage. Please go out with me."


Anonymous said...

When a man's hips are bigger than his shoulder's, he needs to keep his clothes on.

Anonymous said...


ie Rich shallow douchebags spending their daddys money said...

Tell me again....why we are worried in the least about DJ AM?

Anonymous said...

Because he's clearly becoming the Merkin of Choice for Hollywood's gay ladies. (MC anyone?)

:) Well, that's my theory.

Sorka said...

Dammm, now I have to go bleach my eyes!

Anonymous said...

i've been having great fun scrolling quickly up and down those photos. its like an old-timey "flip book"!


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