Friday, April 06, 2007

Year Of The Dog Premiere

Drew Barrymore. I guess everyone knew that one though huh?
"God I love Marcia. I mean Christine Taylor. If we were married it would be one Brady thing after another. Ben Stiller kind of has that Zoolander at 50 look kind of going on.

When did Laura Dern turn into Mary Hart?

Tia, Tia, Tia. Looking so good. She really does look great and you can tell she is so happy to be there and be seen. I was going to thank her for being in Playboy a few years ago, but that may be inappropriate considering it is Good Friday. Are there any rules about mentioning Playboy on Good Friday?

Lea Thompson. I just always feel like posting photos of her when she shows up somewhere because of the whole 80's thing and how she was everywhere and when I see her I feel nostalgic.

You know I think I'm going to post these two on my site everyday. I just feel healthier and better looking when I see this couple. They are fresh and exciting and have smiles on their faces. I know in a few years they will look like Lindsay and Greasy Bear, but for now this is what Hollywood couples should look like. So Jayma Mays and Adam Campbell don't let us down.

I hope their children look like mom.


Anonymous said...

i think drew is wearing her shirt backwards...b/c normally the tag, when inside the seam, is on the left side, not the right. unless photo's been flipped?

eek. said...

No it looks like her head is on backwards.....what a strange angle. said...

That Adam Campbell is the hotness, in a Johny Knoxville kind of way

Anonymous said...

...Hrm. Wasn't there a blind item (or two?)about some 80's tv person not too long ago?

Time to leave work for me, but perhaps someone else could go back and see if Lea Thompson fits the clues? Ent's rather random comment about getting nostalgic for the 80's when he sees her seems a bit leading.

Vikingwench said...

Actually, Jack Black is kinda cute. Bet he's tons of fun to hang out with and doesn't take himself too seriously, either.

Amber said...

Ben Stiller is a silver fox!

Anonymous said...

You can totally see through Lea Thompson's top.

Do they not sell bras in Hollywood?

Just off the top of my head, ummm... Frederick's? JC Penney? Bueller?


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