Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Links-- And Lindsay Speaks To GQ--You Thought The Last Time She Used A Blackberry Was Bad

Hayden P gets mistaken for Lindsay Lohan by a fan. I'm guessing that fan won't be making that mistake again. I'm also guessing that Hayden isn't a big fan of Lindsay.

Joss Stone is 19 years old. She is dating a 40 year old. If my math is correct that means he was out at nightclubs hitting on women before she was even born. He might have even hit on her mom.

The Lindsay Lohan interview with GQ. So the interviewer's plan was to ask all questions and get all answers from Lindsay via Blackberry. Well we all remember how Lindsay loves using her Blackberry for important tomes to the world. She must have used up all her wisdom in that one writing binge because this is just whacked out stuff she wrote this time.

GQ“What’s your favorite way to mess with the paparazzi’s heads?”
LL: "You’re so cool! But I shouldn’t be texting you while I’m driving, OMG!” “Guess who I’m lying naked next to right now! Or is it ‘whom’?"

The interview with Lindsay spanned pre-rehab to post rehab. Here is a sample from during rehab.

LL--Hello Marshall my love. How are you? Excited for our interview :)

GQ--I’m surprised and delighted that you’re doing this at the moment. That’s courageous. So—this sounds like an insane question, but what’s rehab like? You sound very chipper…

Here, many days went by. So many self-recriminations about how my questions had made her go to ground. I knew she was alive. I’d seen pictures of her shopping at Dior—while still in rehab—but I’d lost my fleeting connection with her. Until, on day ten…

LL--I just wrapped night shoots and am on my way home from a productive shoot for “I Know Who Killed Me.” So tired !! But happy from a good night’s work. Sore from my appendix cuz my infection hasn’t gone away and the doctor has been poking at it every day. It’s vile looking but in time will heal. Going to Wonderland to read and sleep then work again. Xxx

GQ--What’s the weirdest thing that happened to you today? Or the best, or the worst?

LL--Ummmmm 30 days sober today :) My family is coming to town Sunday. Filmed through the night and it was really great stuff that we got accomplished and looks insanely good. Ooh, also found out I’m going to Japan mid april with a friend :)

GQ--Congrats on the 30-day mark! So…personally, I’m not so great when it comes to remembering jokes, but everybody knows one or two. What have you got?

More days pass.

GQ--Hmm. I guess you’re not into telling jokes. I’ll try this, then. What’s the biggest misconception about you in the public eye? What image would you like to correct in the braying-jackass media?

LL--I can’t think of any jokes.

Six minutes later…

LL--Or they’re mean jokes and I’ll feel bad. I’m just a kid and someone’s gotta monitor me sometimes

GQ--Okay, now I’m forced to go all James Lipton on your ass. (Umm, that sounds creepy on several levels.) Is there anything you fear?

LL--Hey sorry I’m at my apt with nikki reed trying to find something to wear. I haven’t been to Hyde since before I went to rehab and am with sober friends and feel good :) Here now wearing marc jacobs pumps and a kate and kass dress, vintage chanel messenger and topshop tights and peace sign earrings from kaviar and kind

GQ--Sounds fun. Though I’m absolutely retarded when it comes to style. I barely know the labels. Guys like me talk about clothes using adjectives like “warm,” “itchy,” and, sadly, “green.” Do you play poker? Or any other games?

Read more should you choose. I personally think Marshall wanted to screw Lindsay and it clouded his judgment. Here is a video of that photo shoot we all thought took place in some body's basement.


Anonymous said...

Does Lindsay work as an actress anymore?

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone will hire her - at least for any quality projects. She could have it all as a serious actress but she can't stay away from the booze, drug, clubs and tabloids. Scarlett Johanson seems to have fun but does a better job of keeping it out of the Enquirer - therefore she keeps getting quality work.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think she'll continue to get hired - especially since she continually keeps herself in the tabloids... name recognition... agree it won't be oscar worthy films but it will keep her in drugs and clothes and fake tans...
What is kind of funny reading the part he had posted is that if we didn't know her and she didn't have the $ she does, she'd be like another teenager... she talks and acts like it... believe me, I don't like her and what she does but weren't MOST of us, when we were teenagers/early 20's, doing stuff we wouldn't be caught dead doing now ?


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