Monday, April 02, 2007


George Hamilton could be the next host of The Price Is Right. Instead of the famous get your pet spayed or neutered line to close the show, George is considering.

1. "Get a spray tan. Much better than the cream."
2. "If you change wives often enough, you too can have a career in showbiz."
3. "If you come on down, just know that you're going to get some tongue."
4. "Buy Love At First Bite or Zorro:The Gay Blade on"
5. "I'll do anything if the price is right. See ya next time."

Brian Bonsall arrested. You know the little kid from Family Ties. No, not Skippy. The little kid with the blond hair. Not the girl with blond hair. The boy with blond hair. I know you weren't watching anymore but I swear he was on it.

Owen Wilson is going to break Kate Hudson's heart.

"Hi. I am Howie Day. What, you don't know who I am? Well my publicist is sending out a release that says I am Britney's mystery tennis guy. I know everyone thought I was gay, but really, I do have the hots for Britney. No one noticed I was in rehab. My plan to be photographed with Britney worked out great. Why do you think I took her out there for 8 minutes? It's obvious I don't know how to play, but knew it was a good place for the paps to see us. The problem was no one knew who I was. I was going to wear a sign on the back of my clothes, but it fell off on the way to the courts. Please buy my new album when I get out of here."

Jennifer Aniston went on a double date with the Arquettes. Cute. I really just don't have much enthusiasm for this story. Honestly, I don't have much enthusiasm for any of the people who were on Friends. Here are the headlines I forsee on People over the next year which involve any of the cast of Friends.

1. Jennifer's new love
2. Jennifer and _______ speak to People.
3. Courtney and David speak about their marriage crisis.
4. David or Courtney's heartbreak. (whichever publicist is better)
5. David or Courtney's new love.
6. David or Courtney and ________speak to People.
7. Whatever happened to Ross? David Schwimmer talks about his new life as a nobody.
8. Matthew Perry's weight skyrockets.
9. Matthew Perry speaks about his new diet, his new love, and his new found respect for life.
10. Lisa Kudrow tells People why she keeps turning down roles in hit television shows.
11. Matt LeBlanc's life or death drama. His fourth cousin, once removed in a battle for her life.

12 comments: said...

Kate managed to tame ol' ugly ass Chris Robinson for quite awhile, and he was a notorious he-ho.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Kudrow turned down a role? Wasn't it the other way around? The news of her being cast in the grey's spin-off appears in an obscure (for the rest of the world) Irish news paper and gets picked up state side. If that's not a publicist plant to give producers thinking that it could be an interesting idea, I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

If I'm thinking of the same guy, Howie Day was arrested in Madison, WI a few years ago after a concert he had w/ the Barenaked Ladies. Allegedly, he invited some girls onto his tour bus, then refused to let them leave. I've always thought he was a crazy weirdo. Apparently he's also an attention whore.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I always wondered if Jennifer Aniston got the six movie roles she filmed the year of her divorce to keep her mouth shut on details of her divorce and how he cheated with Angelina while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Right before the divorce was announced I was reading that she had six movies lined up for the next year. I could not believe anyone thought she could carry a movie as lead and that she pursued the roles even though it was well publicized he wanted to start a family. But when the divorce was announced it all made sense...They both got what they wanted in a way that they could both walk away with their reputations somewhat intact. Even today, alot of people don't believe Brad committed adultery.

Anonymous said...

wow Lanie...right on.

Anonymous said...

"alot of people don't believe Brad committed adultery"

I don't think he did, plus I think that marriage was over way before that, just hadn't filed yet.

Anonymous said...

Friend of an acquaintance said Brad used to check into Le Meridien near Cedars with Angie when her mom was sick and before the split was announced.

Maybe they didn't have sex the way Bill Clinton 'did not have sex with that woman...'

Anonymous said...

Howie Day is a creep! I have pesonal, first-hand knowledge of things he has done and said. Thank god the boy is finally in rehab! EL - if you read this... how can I email you?

Anonymous said...

How did the movie roles keep her mouth shut? She still did interviews, still said a little & alluded to her husbands lack of sensitivity etc. I'm not buying it Lanie, your facts are wrong given she only filmed 1 movie the year her marriage ended & filmed 2 movies the year before. It's a fact that no one in Hollywood believes his woe me, wife wouldn't give me a baby story.

schneefloeckli said...

It's not Courtney, it's Courteney.

Anonymous said...

i love george hamilton! he's never made any pretense that he was a great actor... he's campy and loves it.
maybe he's an ass in real life, who knows?
but i'm still not watching "price is right".


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