Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More Links--You Know It's Slow When A 2005 Big Brother Australia Contestant Makes The News

You want to buy Ellen's house? You can if you have $24 million sitting around. She bought the house for just under $16 million SIX months ago. Now you know why Ellen has bought and sold more property in LA than any other celebrity. Scroll down and read about Britney and K-Fed's price reduction on their Malibu home. K-Fed is going to get half the money from the sale of that home. So the $1M he got yesterday is just a start. A nice start to be sure, but just a start.

Have you seen Usher's bride to be? Now you have. Just remember that she is a stylist so she is always looking good. I don't know what she has over Usher, but it must be really, really good. She has three children already and another on the way. She is four months pregnant, and from what I've read, the unborn child is not Usher's. Like I said, she must have something really good.

In a feat that would make Paris Hilton proud, Australian Big Brother contestant Vesna Tosevska got pulled over for drunk driving. Twice. In 90 minutes. Isn't this why they take you to jail or take away the car?

Orlando Bloom has his eyes set on a new "girlfriend."

Ashlee Simpson is going to record a duet with The Cure singer Robert Smith. "Robert, if you need a couple of bucks, just ask me."


Anonymous said...

1st Mayer now Robert Smith? Pimpa's kids are like a skanky vortex... sucking all the credibility (... and whatever else) from anything they bloody touch!

Shame on you Robert.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading for days about this Robert Smith thing...While I have no problem with him working with other musicians, I can't quite understand this pair. She is not a musician, not in the sense that he is. I.Just.Don't.Understand.

FrancesDanger said...

You know, I stuck it out through the remix albums, the live album, and I even bought 'Bloodflowers', but this is simply over the edge. The Cure is now dead to me. DEAD!

Anonymous said...

Usher and Tameka look so much alike in that pic. Ewww!

Anonymous said...

I thought I read a while back that after Ushers broadway performance he was "seen" in a gay friendly establishment with a bunch of non-manly men....Can the new bride actually be a beard?

Anonymous said...

I've always heard Usher is gay and it is well known in the industry so EL should know the truth. But Usher does look like he's under some kind of spell.

Anonymous said...

Why are Australian actresses popular beards?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.34
Borat and Benji we're on to you....lol
Dare I say Liev Schrieber too?
Kidman has made a career out of bearding.

And yes Usher is soooo suspect.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a hard time stomaching this too, francesdanger.

If she gets anywhere near the Smiths, I'm gonna have to fast-track the development of my new portable euthanasia machine.

Anonymous said...

The Ashlee/Smith pairing is horrific. It's just as bad as the Jessica/Luke Wilson pairing on the movie Blonde Ambition. I wondered what was wrong with Wilson that he would do such a thing that would destroy what is left of his career! BUT I recently read a gossip blind item that suggested he had picked up a nasty habit that may be clouding his judgement. Maybe this Smith guy is just as deperate for a paying gig that he is willing to work with one of the Simpson hos.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

This Ashlee Simpson/Robert Smith news is sending me into a Goth/Suicide tailspin of angst.

Pass the black eyeshadow.....

Miss N said...

No say it isn't true about Smith/ Simpson... Robert regretted ever creating 'Friday I'm in Love' - how do you think he'll feel about a duet with a Simpson.

Actually come to think of it - it sounds more like an episode of The Simpsons.

Kathy K said...

EL -- your sarcasm becomes you, re: the Usher thing.

Luv it.

Anonymous said...

hey, hez, i've got a few ideas for that machine of yours!!!
; )


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