Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Videos

The Easter Bunny hates you.

Eddie Izzard discusses Easter and Christmas

The Easter Bunny chocolate rabbit reviews for 2007.

Did you know the Easter Bunny is a chain smoking, alcoholic, porn-addicted shell of an icon who peddles products of cruelty for the egg industry? Well don't tell your kids.

If you are in San Francisco this Sunday go check out the Big Wheel Races on Lombard.

5 comments: said...

That Easter Bunny kicking everyone's ass is the best!

Anonymous said...

Eddie Izzard is fantastic! Anyone watch Riches?

Anonymous said...

Eddie Izzard is hilarious.

The Riche$ really caters to his style. I hope it gets a long life.

Eddie is funny period because he's smart and has the historic knowledge to back up his jokes.

I would pay to see him anhiliate Tom Cruise in a debate. Glib this!

Anonymous said...

mazeltov, EL!

Anonymous said...

brainy--let me know where to get tickets to that event!!

i love eddie! didn't even have to play the clip, i know it by heart! i've got "the riches" saved on tivo, am hoping FX gives it a decent run.

where can i get one of those bunny suits?????


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