Monday, July 02, 2007

45 Years Of Valentino Moments

Tory Burch"My favorite memory is going to Valentino's château in Versailles two summers ago. It was a black-tie dinner for about 150 people. His attention to detail is amazing. There were thousands of votive candles that lined the path leading up to the house, and I remember looking out at the gardens—there was a field of flattened lavender the size of a football field."

Tory Burch, in Valentino, at a gala for the American Ballet Theatre, circa 2004.

Valesca Guerrand-Hermès"I had flown to Europe for the weekend, and my bags got lost. That evening, I had one of those events where everyone is dressed to the hilt in black tie. The only clothing in my possession was what I wore on the plane—my favorite Valentino silk shirt with shells around the cuffs, jeans—and a few items in another suitcase that had managed to find its way back to me. I decided to do what any resourceful New York lady would do under the circumstance—throw on a pair of skinny black pants, high heels, and the silk Val top from the plane as if it had been my plan all along. Everyone thought it was so chic."

Valesca Guerrand-Hermès, in Valentino, at the New Yorkers for Children gala, September 2006.

Fabiola Beracasa"I've known Mr. Valentino for a long time. He's always dressed my mother [Veronica Hearst]. When I was 14 or so at boarding school in Switzerland, my mother came to visit. One day she said we were going to visit 'her friend,' and that was the first time I met him. She was having something made and they were discussing the details. I remember thinking then, 'Wow, this guy is a legend.' "

Fabiola Beracasa, in Valentino, with Carlos Souza, at the Gramercy Park Hotel's Private Roof Club, April 2007.
Olivia Chantecaille“I’ve been to dinner many times with Mr. Valentino in Paris. He just exudes elegance and glamour. You feel like more of a woman when you’re around him. You stand up straighter. I think the trip to Rome will be over-the-top amazing. I’m sure whenever I get married, my wedding will pale in comparison, as will any other major event in my life.”
Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece"In 2001, the Costume Institute held an exhibition of the fashions of the late Jackie Kennedy Onassis. I accompanied Valentino himself wearing a beautiful dress designed for Jackie Kennedy. It was turquoise and off-the-shoulder with fabulous beading and detailing. I felt so special to be his guest and truly honored to be able to wear a dress designed for an icon who had a huge global influence with her style."

Princess Marie-Chantal with the designer, at the Met's Costume Institute gala, April 2001.

Melania Trump"I visited Valentino at his Place Vendôme showroom in Paris while I was shopping for my wedding dress. As I entered the showroom, he greeted me enthusiastically with a kiss on both cheeks, and then we got straight down to business. I tried on many beautiful couture gowns, and we discussed what styles were best. His ideas were limitless. He was very gracious. He lavishes his attention and concern and does what is absolutely best for you."

Melania Trump, in Valentino Couture Collection, with the designer, as photographed in Vogue, February 2005.

Lauren Davis"Camilla Al Fayed and I were hosting an intimate dinner last October at the Ritz. Mr. Valentino was having his own party just down the hall at the Hemingway Bar. Afterward, he and Giancarlo Giammetti popped their heads into our own little affair to say hello to us youngsters. Of course, it was nothing for him, but for me, it was better than dessert."

Lauren Davis, in Valentino, at the Gramercy Park Hotel's Private Roof Club, April 2007.

Jennifer Creel"I'll never forget my first time at his château, about eight years ago, following his couture show in July. I was overwhelmed by the immaculate detail in every aspect of the estate. Aside from the perfect gardens, he had a little gazebo-like structure made of all these beautiful shells in his backyard. It had a fountain in the middle, and the water ran through it. It was so incredible. And when he was giving us a tour, you could tell that he was as excited to show it to us as we were to see it."

Jennifer Creel, in Valentino, at the Four Seasons, circa May 2005.

Lisa Airan"I wore a black vintage Valentino dress with ribbons sewn down the back that I had bought about ten years earlier when I met Valentino for the first time at the Four Seasons restaurant a couple of years ago. He recognized it immediately."

Dr. Lisa Airan, in Valentino, at the Four Seasons, circa May 2005.
Kate Winslet"Valentino designed one of my top-five favorite dresses of all time. It was a short black chiffon with a diamond buckle. It was so youthful and fresh, and it could not have made me feel more elegant. I saved it for months to wear at my hometown premiere in London of The Holiday."

Cameron Diaz and Jude Law with Kate Winslet, in Valentino, at the London premiere of The Holiday, December 2006.

Allison Sarofim"I nearly fell over when Mr. Valentino graced the doors of my annual Halloween party two years ago, especially because as part of the decor, I had blown up a fantastic black-and-white photo of him as a circus ringleader at Studio 54, which, naturally, I gave to him. Most amusing was the fact that everyone kept commenting, 'Oh my God, who is Valentino? It's genius—he looks just like him!' "
Valentino Garavani and Allison Sarofim at her West Village town house, October 2005.
Cornelia Guest"When I was a little girl I went with my mother [C.Z. Guest] to a fitting she had with Valentino. It was the first time I had ever met him, and I thought he was so incredibly handsome and charming that I asked my mother, 'Why I can't I get a dress, too?' Mind you, I was 7! Years later, when I was 16, she lent me one of her Valentino dresses—a red cocktail number—to wear to a party, and it was so beautiful; I felt so glamorous and very proud that I had gotten to wear her dress. I came home and hid it, hoping to keep it. No such luck. She found it and put it back in her closet immediately."

Carlos Souza, Valentino's vice president of public relations, with Cornelia Guest, in Valentino, at Elton John's 60th birthday party, March 2007.

Mamie Gummer"I won't forget visiting Valentino's studio while on a trip to Rome and seeing all of the sketches, fabrics, seamstresses, and models together under one roof. All the Gummer girls are diehard Valentino fans. My mother [Meryl Streep] and my sisters and I have unique tastes, but on this we do agree."
Mamie Gummer, in Valentino, at the premiere of Evening, June 2007.

Plum Sykes"Giancarlo Giammetti [Valentino's business partner] hosted a fabulous dinner for Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks at his incredible apartment in London. I will never forget Elizabeth Saltzman sitting all night in Spielberg's lap in a tiny Valentino minidress."

Plum Sykes, in Valentino, at the Gramercy Park Hotel's Private Roof Club, April 2007.


Anonymous said...

So is he dead or something?

Anonymous said...

enty: since when is it "quest"magazine" around here?

Anonymous said...

He is one of those rare designers who actually loves to dress women.

Anonymous said...

Lauren Davis looks like she hasn't eaten dessert since 1979. In fact, I find it alarmingly sad that the vast majority of these women look like they're starving themselves.

kellygirl said...

Lauren Davis looks like that b/c she's a major coke addict. I think she just got of rehab.
I wouldn't be surprised if a few more of these ladies "suffer" with the Blohan Syndrome

Anonymous said...

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

Anonymous said...

Spectacular! A nice treat after seeing the usual rags the Hollywood crowd runs around in.

Anonymous said...

10:49, 11:08... you don't like it here. we get it. go away.

Anonymous said...

Yes he's a wonderful designer, I'd kill to have a dress by him, but sweet Jebus there's a lot of suffering in the world...and I'm guessing these anorexic twits could give two shits. Makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic read! Thanks for that Ent, I love Valentino


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