Friday, July 06, 2007

June Blind Item Updates With One New Reveal

#1 Four For Friday - 1- Again, I worry. 2-He wears a rug 3-He is actually over 50 4-update

#2 A list after party - think adult magazine and see if things fall into place

#3 Music Producer 3some fun - easy, easy, easy

#4 Three of them - 1-think gyro 2-there were more things revealed about three weeks after this post 3-still waiting on the birth certificate. When the money is right the certificate will be produced.

#5 B list lesbian boozer - Clean and sober and gorgeous

#6 Actor leaving the wife and child behind - you need to think outside of North America.

#7 Four For Friday - 1-rarely dates women of his persuasion 2-easier than you think 3-it really comes down to two choices 4-actually his pilot wasn't picked up

#8 Two of them - 1- was on a reality show 2-the wife moved out and our B lister moved in

#9 Actress paid more than she is worth - Think outside the US

#10 Caught watching gay porn in a hotel - Nice pics

#11 Two of them including genital warts guy - 1-think porn star who prefers women unless it's for money 2-Has a new girlfriend..ewww

#12 Four For Friday - 1-He's been here before but in another capacity. 2-Divorce 3-African-American 4- An addendum to the porn trailer

#13 Poker game - think aging

#14 Two of them - 1- Always in the news 2-not ambiguous

#15 Dead producer leaves a buried secret - A LLC was formed and the house is being bought.

#16 Two of them 1-****New reveal**** Jessica Simpson 2- In the news lately

#17 Four For Friday - 1-television drama 2-cute couple though 3-Cameron Diaz 4-still no insurance

#18 Bachelorette Party - She has been the subject of one other goody goody blind item

#19 Two of them - 1-white bentley 2- 50's

#20 Two of them - 1-One was in some very popular pics this week 2-late 20's

#21 Two of them - 1-easy if you think about it 2-Under 50

#22 Four For Friday - 1-filming a movie right now 2-ummm 3-recent movie 4- mentioned before today in another update


Anonymous said...

#18 - Hillary Duff

Anonymous said...

You guys think the way Ted C. writes is confusing? I'm often confused by EL. "Think outside the U.S." means what? That she gets paid for work she does outside the U.S. or she's from outside the U.S.?

Anonymous said...

Twisted -
Still think ENT is easier to comprende, kapeesh? LOL!

Anonymous said...

#9 Is Nicole Kidman.

Anonymous said...


Could this be Lindsay Lohan? People are still saying she is with Samantha and that Calum and Evan Ross are her beards.

They did have a huge blowup the night of the accident and had been arguing about the fact that Lindsay won't recognize her as her girlfriend.

At $7.5 million a film, that could put Lindsay in the top 15.

Anonymous said...

I don't even bother reading TEdC's because they are waaaay confusing. I much prefer Ent's blinds.

Anonymous said...

#6: Aaaah. Summer time. Vacations, reunions, and visits to your real wife and child. Yes, that's right. So what happens when you are a struggling actor and move out to LA and leave the wife and child behind? No one really notices, because no one knows anything about you. Maybe after a few years you don't go back to your hometown all that much because you are moving up the career ladder. A few more years go by and now you are on the cusp of A list. You have it all. Films, some television, and magazine covers. Part of that list status is because you are single and hot. Find a woman in LA who completes the publicist's dream and even go through a wedding ceremony that doesn't mean anything because you never took out a license. Why? Because you are still married to the girl back home who you have been supporting along with your child and they have kept really quiet. Not completely quiet. Just really quiet. Your new B list television actress wife is in on the secret but she isn't as good as you in keeping secrets. Word starts to spread just a little. Now you are worried. What do you do? You head back to the hometown this summer to try and work out a deal with the wife and kid. We'll see.

Ent's clue: you need to think outside of North America.

I want to say it's Viggo Motensen, for his frequent trips to whichever countries he visits where he's fluent in the language (lots!), but as far as I can tell, he's not married.

Anonymous said...

Pisly, I just checked imdb, and Viggo is no longer married.

Must be married to someone considered a B-list television actress, so who could that be?

Peoples - I must be used to Tedspeak. After reading his column for a number of years, your brain goes whack.

Anonymous said...

does anyone think number 5 is lohan?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:55 - I'm not sure it could Lohan, since the blind was written June 5th and it talks about her doing a good job of staying off the booze. Was Lohan still in rehab at that time? With all these celebs doing rehab, I need a calendar.

Anonymous said...

i don' t think it would be lohan because why would she be going to an event in june when she has been in rehab since may and isnt she A list anyway?

Anonymous said...

It's meant to be confusing folks. Just apply that infamous "logic" so well known here, screw the details and just guess anyone. it doesn't have to be true or even plausible because it's not Ted C, Page Six, NYDN.

Anonymous said...

i knew the dumb blonde singer was Jessica Simpson and not Britney! Britney can be annoying and dumb but not like Jessica Simspson.

dumb bitch, if i was working at that starbucks and she asked for a "latty" i would so punch her in the larnyx.

Anonymous said...

it's amazing i got any work done today. Did we get an MV update or clue?

Anyway, here's for nothing, so far:
1.1 Paris Herpes Hilton

3 Diddy/Aubrey/Tinsley

4.1 Maria Menounos (think gyro - classic!)2 Brittany Murphy and her con 3 Maniston and Vince Vaughn

Anonymous said...

The reveals are so lame. Ent is a fraud.

Anonymous said...

lindsay lohan aint a lesbian! or is she?

Anonymous said...

#17 1. Hayden Panettiere
it's been a while since we've seen pictures with her and that laguna beach boyfriend of hers

Anonymous said...

#1.2: Ted Danson & Mary Steenburgen

Original BI:This A list married couple has an understanding. The understanding is helped along by the wife who would rather be with women. When the husband spots a woman he is interested in, our wife helps by causing a huge scene. Directly in front of the woman of interest, our wife, yells and screams at her husband and then walks out. The husband who has been nominated for Globes and Oscars then lays it on to the prospective lady and more often than not scores.

Ent's update::He wears a rug.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Scratch my Ted Danson/Mary Steenburgen answer. Ted Danson has never been nominated for an Oscar.

Anonymous said...

Pisly, I listed the actors who were nominated for Oscars and Globes and came up with this list:

Tom Hanks
Tommy Lee Jones
Gene Hackman
Nicolas Cage
Cuba Gooding
Robin Williams
Russell Crowe
Michael Caine
Denzel Washington
Sean Penn
Tim Robbins
Morgan Freeman
Forest Whitaker
Alan Arkin

So, the fact that he wears a rug should eliminate most of them. Nicolas Cage now stands out, although I wouldn't call him and Alice Kim an A list couple.

Anonymous said...

hey if you go to the blind item web it has updated the ent blinds with the answers

Anonymous said...

On Number 4, fling, baby, birth certificate. It's obviously Vince Vaughn. Who would pay for the certificate - a publication? I would think the boy would be trying to buy Mommy off, wouldn't you? Will we ever know?

Anonymous said...

Kim, where is the blind item web?

Anonymous said...

Not Kim, but here it is:

Thanks for the heads up, Kim!

Anonymous said...

here's another site that has some decent reveals:

enjoy! divabunny

Anonymous said...

These reveals are crap! They were the least interesting and controversial not to mention the easiest to guess. Total let down!

Anonymous said...

A list couple he watches: Robin Williams and wife. She has always seemed 'dykie' to me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blind item web sites. Goin' now.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Twisted Sister:

So, Tim Robbins is out, since he's not technically married to Susan Sarandon (unless ENT had a senior moment and forgot).

That only leaves the following as married actors who are also husband and wife with name recognition:
Sean Penn/Robin Wright Penn
Tom Hanks/Rita Wilson

Of these 2 men, wearing a piece is probably a little-known fact.

I'm going with Sean Penn. I've heard rumors of his cheating. Plus, there was that whole incident with rapper Eve.

Anonymous said...

#6 Actor leaving the wife and child behind - Dougray Scott or Clive Owen?

#9 Actress paid more than she is worth - Sienna Miller

Anonymous said...

10: Def John Travolta...he has had recent pics all over the internet proving he wears wigs/hair pieces.

Anonymous said...

Pisly - does Penn wear a rug? I don't know who does or doesn't, at this point, other than Cage. Also what was the incident with Eve?

Anon 10:22 - can't be Clive Owen, his wife isn't a television actress and they've been married about 10 years. Not sure Dougray Scott is on the cusp of A list with movies, television and magazine covers, either.

Hez said...

When Eve was arrested on suspicion of DUI last month (was it?), Sean Penn was one of her visitors at the jail.

Everyone thought it was mighty strange at the time. I can't remember what the explanation was, other than that they are "friends".

Now, I love the Penner, but I bet there have been a few nights when Buttercup wishes she'd married Westley instead. (All that "as you wish" stuff would NEVER get old, IMHO!)

Anonymous said...

" #1.2: Ted Danson & Mary Steenburgen"

It said "A list married couple". These two are D list at best.

Anonymous said...

For #12,3 (African American actor B list actor on the way up), how about Andre Benjamin (aka Andre 3000)?

He's best known as a singer, but he's been getting good reviews for his acting over the last couple of years (though I don't know that he's really up to B-List at this point). He was also named PETA's Sexiest Vegarian of the Year in 2004.

I really don't want it to be him, but then I really don't want it to be anybody. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the scoop, Hez. Poor Penn. He's never gotten his just due as an actor so he's got to get his name in the press for other things. Sad.

Anonymous said...

13 is clooney... he does the voice on the Budweiser commercials

Anonymous said...

#1.2 Billy Bob Thorton. He wears a rug and has been nominated for Globes and won an Oscar for Slingblade.


Anonymous said...

Why are all your "blind item reveals" about the "do good" items - you know where the celebrity did something nice for someone....? Most of the blind items are about the celeb's who DON'T do nice things but your still not giving them up? This is really boring and you are a puff. If you're going to "reveal" blind items then do it already or stop blogging.

Anonymous said...

Ughh...that dumb blond act is so done and needs to be retired. Why does Jessica think it is cute to speak worse than my 5 year old? If that girl has any hope of her career ever coming back (or starting some would say), she needs to lose that ridiculous attitude.


Anonymous said...

Billy Bob doesn't have a wife, so it's not him.

Anonymous said...

&:47 because the blinds are fake, made up, not real, etc. The only real ones are those the writers post from other sites like page six, Ted C, gatecrasher etc.

Anonymous said...

Ted C writes nothing BIs! After getting through his tangled language, you find the essential BI which is usually A went out for coffee with B behind C's back. Riveting! His only juicy items are about the same 4 people who he has been using for YEARS - with the tired old agenda of outing a gay celeb.

I know enough (very little) about Hollywood hijinx to be persuaded that Ent is the real deal. There are small details in many of his BIs that betray insider knowledge.

Publicists are reading this site regularly if only to gauge the public's reaction to their clients with the BI guesses. Could they be commenting, too? Makes you wonder...

Anonymous said...

I just came across two interesting articles which I think could be answers to blind items. One is about a paternity suit filed by a woman against Goran Visnijic who claims to be the mother of her four month old child. Goran has been married since 1999. He and his wife just adopted a child I think. The other tidbit is about Larry David and his divorce from his wife with accusations of infidelity. Does anyone think either of these stories could be answers to blind items?

Anonymous said...

10:36 says:

Publicists are reading this site regularly if only to gauge the public's reaction to their clients with the BI guesses. Could they be commenting, too? Makes you wonder...

Crack is whack Hez, put the pipe down.

Anonymous said...

This is Jermaine Dupri! I googled his name and white bentley and got the following...

Janet Jackson’s main squeeze Jermaine Dupri was spotted out at Parc in Hollywood on Monday night. He and a couple of his entourage were arguing about which set of wheels they were going to take. Dupri ended up driving into the sunset in a white Bentley.
If only all of us had the luxury of choosing […]


Anonymous said...

so ur honesly not really gonna reveal the bug ones?

schneefloeckli said...

#5 B list lesbian boozer - Clean and sober and gorgeous.
Michelle Rodriguez - Ent posted a pic lately and commented that she looks good on it.

#6 Actor leaving the wife and child behind - you need to think outside of North America.
Does anyone think it's weird that Ent said North America and not America? Is there anyone from South America that fits? Vilmer is too young and definitely not on the cusp of A list.

MiamiSlam said...

#7 (2) "easier than you think" = *has* to be Keanu Reeves, then...look at Ent's original sentence structure:

"The only day he guarantees them they will be off is Christmas and the anniversary of something important." OK, so, there is only *one* day off AND that day is Christmas AND the anniversary of something important. **Notice that Ent didn't say "the only DAY{S} (plural) off ARE Xmas and the anniversary..." Leads me to believe that Xmas AND the anniv. ARE the same day (and the ONE day the prosties have off). Didn't Keanu R.'s ex deliver their stillborn on/around Xmas, 1999?

Also, check out this picture from a Keanu fansite:

supoosedly, this is the inside of his house. Check out the depiction in the artwork on his wall: yep. A triptych of what looks like...3 strippers..... "easier than you think" if you have seen this pic, right? Which is VERY accessible if even my stupid ass could find it in a simple Google search, right?

MiamiSlam said...


Sorry. the above is the rest of the url for the pic I mentioned above. Told ya I was a stupid ass....


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