Thursday, July 05, 2007

Random Photos Part One

Minka Kelly tries to convince Juliet Rogulewski that quite possibly all the cameras and guys staring could all be avoided if she would change somewhere more private.
The wet makeup look is not a great look for Hilary.

He's back. Normally I would be upset, but Geri has been looking really rough lately.
Claudia Schiffer for Dom Perignon
Anne Hathaway looks really different but I don't know what it is.
Having no luck with the ladies, Chris Kattan goes back to humping hallway walls.

In case you were wondering what happened to Thandie Newton.
In case you were wondering what Sharon Stone looks like without makeup. In case you were wondering what Harrison Ford's stunt double looks like in the new Indiana Jones movie.
In case you wanted to mimic Lindsay's recent weight gain, now you know what to drink.
I don't know why I started the in case of, but I need to stop. I'm also going to stop with the Kylie photos because I just don't see the point.


Tracee said...

Claudia is the hotness! She's like "Drink it all bitch. Then bend over!"

Chris always makes me feel uncomfortable. I think he enjoys furniture and walls a little too much.

Anonymous said...

"recent weight gain"? please. you're letting your jealous little ovaries show, "ENT".

kellygirl said...

Don't worry, LindZ will be back on the skinny dust soon enough!
No, I most definitely do NOT need to see Sharon Stone's face.
Anne Hathaway has gone from dorky mid-west kid to NY Socialite. Much like the transformation of katie Holmes.
Claudia's mouth is so gross!!!
Hilare is starting to look very trashy. Is she trying to get Joel's attention? Like anyone would really be jealous of Brody Jenner.
Minka Kelly is beautiful, but can't act worth shit! Maybe she is trying to get a little attention. Hey it worked for all those other girls. Please, not crotch shots. I'd like to continue to enjoy Friday Night Lights without distraction

Anonymous said...

i get water in my mouth whenever I see a picture of geri halliwell's trainer. Anyone know his name?

De said...

you can totally tell from linds' body that she's been working out in rehab - probably in a "have a healthy hobby to focus on instead of the drugs" kinda way...

if you compare before rehab bikini pics to after - shes' more cut, her butt is more 'lifted', her stomach is more muscular...

i can see her overdoing that too, since she's got an addictive personality - watch for her to get really muscular soon, i'd say.

-lindsay predictions 07! -de

Tracee said...

De anne, we'll be tracking your predicitions. It's definitely the most unique as of late. What else do you see in thet crystal ball of yours? :)

Anon 12:21 I dunno his name but he's huge. I bet he's named after a country or something because of his largeness. He looks like he brings the pain.

Hez said...

Tracee, wouldn't you love it if his name were "Tiny"???

Tracee said...

Hez, You know I would! But I would love it more if his name was "Yes, it's as big as I am" Smith. Tiny could be sayin somethin else and that would be tragic.

Anonymous said...

Tiny is the most gigantic man I think I've ever seen, and I don't think its steroids, do you? I wonder what those two talk about?

Tracee said...

SEX! A whole lot of it.

Tiny-"Hey...look...bench in... park." [CAVEMAN SPEAK}

Geri-"Yeah, that looks like a good place for you to bend me over."

Tiny-(Grunt) "Yeah...bend over...good."

Geri-"Or you could pick me up, throw me over your shoulder and give me a good one."

Tiny-"Huh? Shoulder no go in. We tried."

Geri-"No,no. (Sigh) Let's just go behind those bushes and I'll show you what to do."


Okay, daydream over!

Anonymous said...

hey, right click the chris kattan pic! its a hint for something! what is FCB?

Anonymous said...

Chris Kattan looking for luck with the ladies?? LOL
If their name is Steve, maybe..

Anonymous said...

Chris Kattan was the blind item about the engaged guy who was faithfully devoted until he thought he had a chance with a Playboy model- who he chased but didn't get. I thought Carmen Electra was the playmate in question.

Maybe that's why it says he's not having any luck with the ladies?


Anonymous said...

2 This B list comic film and television actor is engaged and loyal. EXCEPT that he thought he had a chance with a Playboy model and so began blowing off his soon to be betrothed. Our actor called, texted and squired around the Playboy model but with absolutely no luck. Turns out she was just using him for favors and presents. He found out when she was spotted making out and all over this A list film actor. Our actor's fiancee' doesn't seem to have found out, although they have not been spotted in public together since this all began.

Anonymous said...

Kattan' fiancee Sunshine went to that party where that picture was taken. There is a picture of them together taken at that party. So I guess she forgave him for chasing that Playboy model.


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