Tuesday, July 03, 2007

December Blind Item Updates

#1 The first Four For Friday. 1-I honestly don't know if the couple are still getting it on. I do know that the woman still has something going on with another person. 2-Definitely still going, and the man has brought other women as well. 3-I was wrong. 4-It's still going on which has caused some problems in the man's relationship, but not the woman.

#2 Wandering eye. - Still going on for sure. I think he's just a moron.

#3 K-K (part 2)Still a wild and crazy man. Still alive, but has been turned down quite a bit lately for roles.

#4 Jackass - Too good for primetime - New show didn't work. Still can't get regular work.

Kindness - Dancing With The Stars - Molly Sims

#5 Four For Friday - 1-Still the top meth mouth dentist. 2-he is with the girl now 3-living with his children 4- definitely still turning tricks and also got knocked up by someone this blog really dislikes. --The bonus at the top was Lindsay Lohan.

#6 Singer gets Korean singer pregnant - She is in a Korean drama now and he is still a jackass.

#7 Actor here illegally. - Still worried - Had a very famous scene that was not in the actual movie.

#8 Four For Friday - 1-I can't remember if I revealed it or it was just so damn easy that everyone guessed it right. 2- It's not Mario Lopez. I sure did give a bunch of hints that day.

#9 NY Brownstone and pop star haircuts - Drew Barrymore, Gwen Stefani

#10 Four For Friday - 1-Heath Ledger 2-Denise Richards 3-Mel Gibson 4-I think you have enough clues for this one. Bonus - think cable

#11 Dad a little too close to daughter - I know they see each other everyday but don't know if it's still going on.

#12 Man keeps lingerie from ex - he still wears lingerie but I don't know if he still has the ex's stuff --marriage of convenience - over

#13 3 of them - 1-Billy Zane 2-Still with the mistress but wife knows about her now. 3-he has been really quiet lately, so I don't know anything new.

#14 Four For Friday - 1-New girlfriend 2-another quiet one. I do know he has been getting some work lately. 3-Notice I didn't say home for her place. 4-No news. It was a one time thing

#15 Three of them - 1-Julia Roberts 2-Actually has a girlfriend now close to his age and she's famous. 3- Both of the interested partied have new people. The woman is actually getting married.

#16 Four For Friday - 1-No accidents except her current boyfriend. 2-Owen Wilson 3- Visited a show recently 4- I believe she has been a NY Daily news item since this post.


Anonymous said...

meh, this isn't as fun as I thought it would be. MORE MV!

Anonymous said...

I'll have plenty of reading for the holiday!

Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon - #14

#3, Lindsay Lohan.

BTW - I cannot believe you're not getting sued over calling Gwen's husband a huge current tranny lover. You got balls, Ent. ;o)

kellygirl said...

#10 - 4) Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick
Bonus) Bill Mahar?

Anonymous said...

#2 - Wandering Eye is Eva Longoria and Tony Parker.

Anonymous said...

Some good reveals. How about some more risky ones for tomorrow??

Anonymous said...

5. #2 is Chad Michael Murray

Anonymous said...

10 bonus probably bill o reily

Anonymous said...

11. Hasselhoff? He just got full custody of his kids so he would see them everyday.

Anonymous said...

#16-1 Man, it's just screaming Jessica Beal to me!

Anonymous said...

Do you hear that Ent? That was my head exploding from all the new info. Thx ALOT! And a diggin I go!


Anonymous said...

14. # 3 is Lindsay Lohan.

Anonymous said...

14. # 4 is Uma Thurman.

kellygirl said...

This is a lot more time consuming than I'd anticipated. I'll have to let the rest of you do the leg work, but I love hearing all the dirt you guys dig up!
I'm really curious about #11. Anyone got anything solid on that disgusting pig?

Anonymous said...

15. # 2 is Jason Wahler who is now dating tennis star Katja Decker-Sadowski.

Anonymous said...

Haha. 16. #3 is Nick Carter. He was on Kathy Griffin's Life on the D-List.

Anonymous said...

You should not reveal or give out clues for 11. It's not fair for the girl to have people all over the internet about what happened to her. That's about as private as you can get.

No lawyer would ever reveal or talk about someting like that if it were a client of theirs. If it got out then everyone would know the lawyer had blogged about it and you would get sued.


Anonymous said...

5. # 1 is Dr. Bill Dorfmand


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
foxycleopatra said...

#2- Wandering Eye - I think Eva is a good guess. She seemed awfully friendly with Jamie Foxx and Mario Lopez. Those guys seem like they are more interested in sealing the deal rather than hanging out with women as 'friends'. I doubt she is that cool. And, she sits next to Jaimie at Tony's games which is just evil. She seems like the type who would never marry Tony or hang out with Jamie if they were two black guys from the hood. But since they have fame and money....

#15 - Julia Roberts! This made my day. I feel like I am the only person in the America who is not convinced of her talent, beauty, or charm. I think she is an extremly cunning, devious, and fake person. Any more juicy stories about her out there? Because she seems to be good at keeping her dirt under the carpet considering her scandalous behavior.

#10- (couple with special relationship). SJP and Ferris Bueller seems like good guess. So is Nick Carter for #16-3. Amazing how many boybanders turned out to be gay. I think women of today don't mind so much...you can still fantasize about them gay or not.

MV - if Ent's heart is in the right place, this NEVER should have appeared on the blog. Juicy, yes, but if Ent is not trying to hurt people, which is why he/she doesn't reveal some blind items, then that post was completely inappropriate. On the other hand, why does ent protect some people by not revealing but has no problem revealing that Gwen's husband and father of her children likes trannies? I am sure it would pain her to know that information like that was posted, especially if it is true ("you learned some real bad tricks and you need some discipline....")

Anonymous said...

hey not trying to be funny but alot of the guys that are shown on kathy griffin's my life on the dlist are gay thats one of the reason when lance came out i wasnt shocked cause he had been on her show. she always says her fan based is either gay guys or straight gals. so i believe its totally nick carter

Anonymous said...

#8-2 Patrick Duffy is the slumlord. He owns tons of run down properties in Southern Oregon, and a (big-mouthed) relative of DH's worked for the insurance company that cancelled his policies on his rentals, because they were in such disrepair. The conditions of his properties are absolutely deplorable.

Anonymous said...

#11 is 100% absolutely positively NOT RANDY JACKSON. i know the family.

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is what I got:
#1-4 Pretty sure Ent revealed this as Liz Hurley. The guy is Hugh Grant who's had probs with Jemima.

#2 This is sooo Eva Longwhoreia. Ent has already said heaps of times how much of an idiot he thinks Tony Parker is for marrying her.

#4 Not sure if anyone guessed this in the original post but I always thought it was David Spade and the show he was on was Just Shoot Me. If you look at his imdb page he's been on heaps of shows but they all seem to end rather quickly.

#5-2 Fairly sure this is Chad Michael Murray. I think most people guessed this.

#8-1 Yes Ent revealed it as Kimora Simmons.

#14-3 Lindsay Lohan? Ent didn't say 'home' because at the time she was living in a hotel.

#15-2 Most guessed Talan Torriero (spelling?) who is with Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls.

#16-1 Ha Ha Ent, this is Teri Hatcher and her current boyfriend is the not too good looking ex of Eva.
2-Nick Carter
3-A lot guessed Melissa Joan Hart but who knows...have to check out previous NY daily items.

Anyway, sorry about the long post. Yes, I have no life. :-(

I think most of these were guessed by everyone at the time they were first posted.

BTW Ent I've got an idea of who you might be...

Anonymous said...


So what actor did Julia bang?

Anonymous said...

#16-2...Aaron Carter has just been outed as gay on:


Aaron Carter also had a fling with Paris Hilton(Nick and Aaron had an ugly fight where Nick was screaming about how Aaron was a traitor for going out with Paris just after they broke up---this was on a clip that came out for the trailer of the House of Carter's reality show on MTV)

Could it be Aaron and NOT Nick Carter?

Apologies if this has been guessed before..just my 2 cents =)


Anonymous said...

#10 last item..."Bonus - think cable" Cable host who had to do the walk of shame past all the A lister's in 1st class..

David Spade.

#15 The actor Julia shagged was Daniel Day Lewis... this was solved back when it was first posted I believe..

foxycleopatra said...

The New Zealand couple having sex in public you should be able to figure out and I am kind of disappointed you have not yet.

Anyone guessed this yet?

By the way, sick of BI about people like Melissa Joan Heart and reality stars. They are impossible to guess and even when you find out its like "who cares?"

Anonymous said...

#15 The actor Julia shagged was Daniel Day Lewis... this was solved back when it was first posted I believe..

I didn't see any mention of DDL in the original post. Maybe a later one? What was the movie, anyone know?

I still think it could have been Russell Crowe. I can see Julia salivating to get him in a movie with her, and I can see RC, being a serious and dedicated actor, not wanting to be associated with the sort of work she might be interested in. I can also see RC shagging her for a consolation prize. He DID have a reputation, before his marriage, of being a dedicated shagger.

Anonymous said...

JC Chasez is the next boy bander to come out.I can't believe Tara Reid fell for him.

I thought Julia flew to convince Clooney.
Anybody know if the scar on George's stomach is a gastric bypass incision mark.

De said...

#7 = Cary Elwes came to mind, but he's been married since 2001 to an American photographer, and he was an Ambassador to Indonesia during the Tsunami aftermath.

However, he was in the infamously cut Mary Kate Olsen scene in Factory Girl, and IMDB doesn't list it amongst his credits (which makes me think this was his only scene as well...)

Unless because he was an 'Ambassador' he didn't have the regular channels happening when travelling (diplomatic immunity? i dunno)...?

I'm going to keep searching the web for info on him promoting things outside the US--but he's my guess for now



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